Guest Essay by John Q. Citizen Updated 2015


This short essay is intended to introduce the lay public and professional practitioners to one of the cutting-edge medical technologies available today, but mostly suppressed and not readily practiced in the USA or other so-called enlightened countries. By researching the available data, it is clear that many cures and effective therapies that have been invented or discovered over that last 100 plus years, have come under the gun and been systematically shot down by the vested interests of the time (see Politics In Healing). This is only a shock or a mystery to those who refuse to study and learn from our still-free treasury of literature and science. To quote George Santayana (�Those who do not learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat them�.) This essay is intended only as an introduction and an invitation to research this fast-growing area, and not as medical advice. You should always work hand in hand with your chosen medical practitioner, who hopefully is versed in current alternative or CAM medicine.

It is frightening that hospital infections kill over 100,000 per year (Hospital-acquired infections are estimated to affect about 2 million patients annually and cause an estimated 100,000 deaths, according to one of the studies: Hospital-acquired infections). It is even scarier that in the US, surgical and drug procedures are responsible for more deaths each year than all other causes combined! According to one research paper the number of deaths from Medicine (allopathic) is over 700,000+ per year, not to mention the untold suffering of millions more through improper procedures, mistaken prescription, lethal drug interactions, drug side-effects, iatrogenic (doctor caused) problems, hospital induced infections, etc. etc. If this seems unbelievable, you are right. How many 747s would this fill and why do we not hear about this on the evening news? Well, we do, but in small and unrelated stories and appear from time to time, and are glossed over in 60 second sound bites that neither shake us up or motivate us to take action. These stories rather tend to trivialize and so de-condition us from reacting as we should at such atrocities.


The large establishment drug companies and major medical equipment companies, not to mention the AMA, FDA and the secondary and tertiary structures such as medical schools and medical peer review boards, that feed off the present horribly inefficient and ineffective system, are maliciously opposed to any effective alternative methods of treating the big money makers like cancer, aids, autoimmune diseases, etc. See article. It is logical even if obscene to expect such, since hoarding and protecting one�s turf is an individual and tribal instinct of all creatures, and greed is a very common disease of the individual that is stunted in its growth. However, understandable or not, it is heinous and evil to let people suffer and die needlessly when there are other options that have existed for decades. We must exert constant pressure on our elected officials to counteract the downward trends that are already exerting their influence to the detriment of all mankind.


There are several therapies that are unorthodox and unconventional, at least in the US, that have been effective for years in dealing with otherwise �incurable� conditions. To say more or use the word �cure� would invite the wrath of the authorities, i.e. watch dogs of the present system. These alternative treatments are amazingly, non-surgical, non-invasive and non-poisonous as compared to the typical surgery, harmful radiation and drugs that are used by Western medicine.


Much is known of herbs and homeopathy, both of which have been the targets of the establishment for years. In fact, the stated purpose of the AMA was to not only control the flow of doctors by controlling the medical schools, but also to attack and even destroy all significant competition such as homeopathy and chiropractic etc.


Not so much is known about the other more renegade therapies such as Rife, Ozone, Magnetics, and various other �electro-medicine� methods. These were very popular with over 10,000 physicians in the 1890�s, but when the powers-that-be made the decision to invest in and cultivate the nascent drug oriented methods, they began a long conspiracy to eradicate these other therapies.


Could it also have been that because these �other� methods were becoming so incredibly effective it became obvious that disease as we know it might become a thing of the past? How could curing disease ever serve the greed and avarice of these elite power brokers and their many delegates? Perhaps the real reason was just that; curing a patient meant the end of a long line of lucrative visits to the doctor and the drugstore; ergo, suppression of symptoms became the medical modus operandi. The underlying disease was the goose that laid the golden egg!


And, so, the economy was inexorably shaped in the direction these rich and powerful elitists chose, toward the symptom driven allopathic surgery and drug paradigm rather than the non-surgical, non-drug curative driven electro-medicine with all its great promise.


We are at a crossroads. The preponderance of the people are now on a mission to revivify and resurrect �alternative medicine� in all its wondrous and varied forms. Somehow, many of these therapies have withstood the ravages of time and the attacks of the forces of darkness and evil. You may wish to read about this and sources are given. If we are able to bring these very effective therapies into the light, it will be a renaissance in health. If we are not, I fear the destiny of the �civilized� races will be short and filled with the agony of unnatural illnesses not known by primitive man in his simplicity of diet and lifestyle.


There are forces at work that not only do not care, but also perhaps ardently desire the demise of vast numbers of humans through the means of ill health and war, as they mistakenly believe this is the only way to save our planet from drowning in its own pollution. Whatever you may believe, you must soon take sides in this drama. The more you know the better armed you will be when they begin taking our last rights away in the name of health, peace and law and order.


Let us take a look at the most unknown, and most suppressed therapy of all, rife frequencies.


RIFE: Rife, after its inventor, Dr. Royal Rife, may be considered a subdivision of electro-medicine, yet in reality is more based on ultra-sound. Dr. Rife himself, not being a physicist, can be forgiven for not completely understanding the actual nature of his device. In general, rife can be considered to be a resonant frequency-based therapy, those frequencies being generated in any of a number of ways but becoming essentially ultrasound upon hitting the dead skin layer (other waves such as charge density waves may also be produced). Since some healing frequencies are in the audible (human) range, one could even make a case for the reputed healing qualities of Buddhist bowls, Shaman songs, musical instruments, the known healing effect of some music like Bach, etc.


Rife may be the most promising and unknown therapy in modern times. It was so effective that it was suppressed with a force and vengeance that even drove it from the history books, although some documentation from the LA Times etc. can still be found,but it is getting harder. Unlike ozone therapy, another effective but less repressed therapy, which is commonly practiced in Germany, Russia and Cuba, rife technology has never caught on much. This could be due to the natural difficulty of its design technology and application, but now that technology has evolved sufficiently, rife is extremely viable and has almost unlimited potential to alleviate all known pathogen-driven conditions (there were no transistors etc. in Dr. Rife�s day! For a modern look at Rife's work and application through the eyes of remarkable physicist who understands how it works, see ARTICLES BY GARY WADE.)


Yes, that is what I said; rife is extremely viable and has almost unlimited potential to alleviate all known pathogen-driven conditions! This alone makes it very dangerous to the power structure as it now exists, let alone what could be achieved if it could come into the light and get real funding for research. Not only could this science be used to effectively sterilize schools and hospitals and food manufacturing plants by simply broadcasting the relevant frequencies through the very atmosphere, but the present �need� for such things as vaccinations and pesticides, with all their inherent dangers would be a thing of the past.


No more need for chlorine in the water, as small ultrasonic units in your house would easily clean the water of any and all pathogens if any were left after the initial ozone treatment that even now is used at most modernized water purification stations.


How can we find out more about this? One excellent site is the host site for this essay RifeTech, on which you will find many wonderful and enlightening papers and information. The articles, written by a plasma physicist who knows his stuff and understands what Rife was really doing, are a great way to get acquainted with this pearl of a therapeutic concept. The articles go as deep as you want with technical sections for the less scientifically challenged.




















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