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Note: What can be said of cancer can also be said of many, if not all of the most common and malicious pathogen-based conditions.


  Cancer in this article may, for the sake of brevity, be considered as a proxy for other germ-based or pathogen aggravated illnesses.    Mainstream science today is busy developing all sorts of elaborate but very specific attacks on specifically named diseases. This may be more due to the very nature of allopathic medicine and the direction it has chosen.  There is and has been, a tacit agreement among the establishment, that because there is no generally accepted methodology for conquering most diseases, there is no point in wasting time and energy trying to work in the direction of a panacea for all disease.  However, it has come to light, that if medicine had taken a strategic turn into the light somewhere around the birth of the 20th Century,  by pursuing the holy grail of “electro-medicine”, perhaps our medical system would not be imploding due to rocketing costs and more and more ineffective treatments.   


Simply, what we are saying is, that there are approaches and methods that are very near universal in their ability to kill germs of all types quickly, easily and safely. These modalities, were they to be un-suppressed by the powers that be, could be inexpensively implemented in hospitals, schools, businesses, farms and homes.  For example,  one such approach, using resonant frequencies could be set up to broadcast periodically to sterilize and disinfect with technology that is in existence today.  On farms, dangerous pesticides could be eliminated as frequency generators were tuned to sounds that discouraged or even killed predatory insects and pathogens, while leaving beneficial soil bacteria etc. completely unharmed.  This technology is available here and now!


Amazingly, because of the biochemical makeup and physical limitations of the majority of pathogens that are harmful to man, they are rather easy to target and kill.  This has been known for over a century!  Ozone kills every germ and pathogen known to man. It kills some 3000 times faster and better than chlorine.  Rife frequencies can target and kill most bacteria, viruses, etc. due to the inherent weakness of their cell structures.  This has been known since the time Dr. Royal Rife back in the early 1930’s and Tesla at the time of Edison.  This science has been suppressed.


There may not be a universal panacea, but these two therapies are close.  Chemistry can be derived from physics, since the latter is the more basic and inclusive science.  Just so, the evolution of medicine from physics as it began in the form of electro-medicine, is far superior and more universal in its application, than the derivatives of biochemistry.   Basically,  the proper use of vibrations and frequencies easily trumps the chemical defensive reactions that are the basic inferior structure of germs and other primitive pathogenic cells.  Turning to our example and proxy for all disease:



The question is, if you have one of these or even another more uncommon form of cancer, is there any viable alternative to the dreaded triad, e.g. chemotherapy, surgery and radiation?   The following essay is not to be construed as medical advice or even qualified medical opinion.  I am not a doctor and so only repeating information from my experience and other various sources as my opinion as a reporter.  As always, everyone is responsible to do due diligence on their own behalf.  But, when all is said and done, how will anyone find out about unorthodox and experimental therapies unless someone tells them? 


Most of the people I have known, who have benefited by alternative medicine solutions to their diseases have made a concerted effort to go beyond what their doctors suggest as viable alternatives.  The MDs In this country just don’t know, and worst of all, they don’t know that they don’t know.  They resist alternative medicine and are pressured by the AMA, FDA and Peer Review Board when they do try to enlist new, unconventional therapies that are already employed successfully in Germany, Russia and other countries.  What few so-called “alternative therapies” they do enlist, are usually airy fairy, pop cult non-threats that may give the patient a warm and fuzzy feeling, but are simply not  effective. That is not to say, you should run to some Mexican or other exotic clinic. I have known several people who have erred in this direction and paid with their lives!  It may just be bad karma, or whatever, but you must be dedicated and you must be lucky in this day and age to come across any real off the grid solutions. 


We think we have one or two for you.  They are hard to find but well worth the effort. Avail yourself of them while they still exist, because we are reaching the point in this country, although it may come as a big shocking surprise to some, where you will have no say whatsoever concerning what you eat, drink or take as medicine.   This will be decided for you by edict, dictated by some obscure elite, and strangely enough enacted into the law of the land while you slept (this is actually Treaty law which originated with the US’s agreement to be in compliance with the WTO and will bypass our Constitution and become mandatory soon. 2013 update: With the coming implementation of Obamacare and other constitution busting doctrines, there may be no more free choice about anything!).  This is to help you wake up.  If you are already awake, this will just help you.  But, you are still the one;  you must study and understand, unless you are one of those lucky ones that finds faith sufficient and true in all situations, so that you can take back the ownership of your body and your health. For answers see essay: VIBRATORY ENERGY MEDICINE   Continued below:



The table below is from the National Cancer Institute:



The following table gives the estimated (subject to revision) numbers of new cases and deaths for each common cancer type:

Cancer Type

Estimated New Cases

Estimated Deaths




Breast (Female -- Male)

212,920 -- 1,720

40,970 -- 460

Colon and Rectal (Combined)






Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer



Leukemia (All)



Lung (Including Bronchus)






Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma









Skin (Non-melanoma)


Not Available





1.      American Cancer Society: Cancer Facts and Figures 2006. Atlanta, Ga: American Cancer Society, 2006. Also available online. Last accessed March 24, 2006.

2.      Devesa S, Silverman DT, McLaughlin JK, et al.: Comparison of the descriptive epidemiology of urinary tract cancers. Cancer Causes Control 1(2):133-41, 1990. [PUBMED Abstract]

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Please bare with me for a paragraph or two while I explain why I must be circumspect and very careful what I say and try not to make any claims of cures.  Where cancer is concerned it is always best to be very cautious and perform due diligence on all purported "remedies". There are only 11 states in the US that really allow doctors and patients to try "experimental" and unorthodox treatments for cancer. California actually has a law that forbids cancer being treated by other than conventional allopathic methods, e.g. chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, (even if the cancer is cured!!) Dr. Burzynski found this out when he began curing children of brain cancer. He has fought the FDA and won, but he is now in Texas and suffers great restrictions on who he can help. Just recently on the news, you may have heard the story of a young boy and his parents who were forced by a judge to submit to chemotherapy against their wills. Such is the state of affairs in this country, that our freedom to choose is evaporating as we speak. To be forced to endure the leech inspired, dark age allopathic medicine of today, when there are other much more effective and less destructive methods, is an abomination and should be a crime.  Many M.D.s are now beginning to see how they have been used and exploited in order to enfeeble entire generations to come;


1.      by not knowing the first thing about correct diet and thus being silent partners in the slow poisoning of the entire population with junk food and 50,000 or more untested chemicals and drugs, and


2.      by refusing to look beyond the brain washing they get in medical school that leaves out all but the least effective therapies that are guaranteed to make patients dependent for life on dangerous drugs and surgeries that only suppress the symptoms and never, never offer a cure!


There are many different types of cancers and so, no one therapy no matter how brilliant can address them all effectively.  Cancer can be caused by radiation or chemicals, in which case, some therapies may be ineffective. Yet, even then, some approaches like cesium chloride, which starve the cancer cell, may be effective.  Vitamin C, in very large doses, has been shown to be very effective in dealing with cancer, if you can find a doctor who can and will inject it. (One cannot use the word cure in the same sentence as cancer unless very carefully worded due to present law.) Also, one cannot rule out the occasional “spontaneous remission”.

Below, find some very good sources on how to treat cancer with ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. Some of these treatments have been tested and used for years in other countries that are not subject to the dictates of an out-of-control pseudo governmental agency, i.e. FDA. One might save your life or the life of someone you love. If one life is saved then this posting is worth it. Please read and judge for yourself. As usual, Mr. Phelps, this tape will self-destruct in 10 seconds. Good luck.







FYI----Cancer Truth Statistics:






Some Quotes and Comments:

“About 1,368,000 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2004. Since 1990, more than 18 million new cancer cases have been diagnosed.”

Does anyone doubt that a vast and lucrative profit machine has evolved around this terrible human tragedy? Medical, research, charity, etc. How many jobs are dependent on cancer not being cured? How many industries? Like we have become dependent on petroleum to fuel our economy with all the attendant dependencies and evils (by suppressing alternate energy sources), we are becoming addicted to diseases such as cancer to fuel our fragile and increasingly decadent economy. (I love America and the real Constitution, just not the bunk they are peddling now)

“This year (2004) 563,700 Americans are expected to die of cancer, more than 1500 per day. In the U.S. cancer causes 1 of every 4 deaths.”

What was the death rate around 1900? I think I remember reading it was 1 in 25 or something. What the hell is going on around here? Are we all asleep while this goes on? Or, maybe we are drugged. Something has to explain why, we as a people, are accepting this horrendous fact lying down! 1500 people per day!! How many jet airliners is that per day? Wake up America!!!

“The 5-year relative survival rate for all cancers combined is 63%, with rates varying widely by cancer type and stage of diagnosis.”

Yes, but what is the cost of surviving? Anyone who has endured chemo, radiation or surgery can tell you it is not a whole lot of fun. There are other ways that do not destroy human dignity. Why doesn’t your doctor have access or even know about other safer and more effective treatments?

“The National Institute of Health estimates overall costs for cancer in the year 2003 at $189.5 Billion; $64.2 Billion for direct medical costs......”

Well, hallelujah! Bring home those shoes for baby and that college education too.
I did some math. Okay, it is just an estimate. I have heard very much higher figures too. If you use 2003 costs, just for medical, and use 2004 deaths; you come up with an average medical worth of all cancer patients at $113,475.00 each!!! I will put up better figures as I get them. Scary huh? Better than selling drugs. Gee, 10 patients average over one million dollars per year!! I am in the wrong profession. The cancer industry is the place to be, just as long as no one ever comes up with a cure!  Oh, I forgot, there have been many cures over the last century that have been suppressed, (see links below). Guess I don’t have to worry about making the payment on my Mercedes, eh?

If you went to the movies and saw a Sci Fi  flick about some monster than could infect and take over your body and eat it; if there were all kinds of humans who had sold out to these aliens so they could live and you die; and they were winning!!!; Well, it is not Sci Fi. It is TRUTH. Whether by ignorance, complicity or downright pure evil, (and this is more widespread than you might believe), the American people are being murdered at a 25% rate and no one is even talking about it!! The biggest lie we are being told today in the field of health is that Cancer has no cure. LIE. Research this for yourself or surely you will have a 1 in 4 chance of paying the ultimate price! And ten years from now? One in two? Good luck. (If you care, check out:  CURING CANCER WITH ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES (RECOMMENDED)


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