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You can lose that unsightly fat safely, easily, naturally and permanently, and without spending a fortune on special diets, drugs or surgery. Oh, you might think you have heard this all before but I doubt it. There are some real secrets only here revealed in their entirety. And if you had actually heard this before, and you really had listened, rather than just heard, you would not have the problem of being overweight. You would be practicing the correct living habits. But, it is never too late. The human body is incredible in its ability to adapt and overcome.

"More than 2.1 billion people, or close to 30 percent of the global population, are overweight or obese. This is more than double the number of adults and children who are undernourished."


Q: What if I have to sit at a desk all day typing on a computer. I have little time to go to the gym with all my duties and responsibilities. I am too busy bussing my kids around to their soccer practice and karate classes. (Or), I need to eat to get energy and also to feel good. What do you offer me?


A: I too spend a great deal of time at my computer and also meditating. I used to spend a lot of time sitting at a piano and writing songs. I get only about 40 minutes a day to be physical. Still I do not gain weight. And I do not starve myself. I can show you techniques to lose fat even if your exercise is restricted although it is mandatory for health that you force yourself to do something every day as I explain in the Report. I will tell you how, when I was once overweight, I lost over 50 lbs. In two months with very little exercise without any drugs or unnatural means.


Q: They all say that and yet it never seems to work for long if at all.


A: I agree that most all other methods are basically flawed, but that is by design. Our entire system is based on built-in obsolescence so why shouldn't diet systems be too? They want to keep selling you the same old dog over and over. The minute you turn your back that dog runs back to its master to get sold again to some other unlucky sap. If any system works then those people are lost as customers. Apply this to everything including conventional medicine, and you will get some insight into how our modern world really works.

  you will be very happy and satisfied with the results. It is not a miracle although it might seem like it. It is based on proven science as will be gleaned by checking any of the references. If it works, and I know it does, why would anyone complain?


It is easier and more permanent than all the other diets you will come across in the commercial press. And it is infinitely safer than using dangerous drugs with side effects which make you dependent and wind up not working anyway after your body becomes acclimatized to them.


I will show you how to get those fat pounds off and keep them off naturally, with no need for pharmaceutical toxins or inordinate will power. As a bonus, you will be on your way to maximum health and well-being and super fitness. This is no trick although certain techniques can seem like magic until you understand why and how they work. The answer to the weight problem has been known for years. It does not profit the press or the mass media to tell you the truth since their advertisers make a fortune first on you gorging yourself on the fast food, junk food American diet and then secondly on you trying every kind of diet and drug to get the fat off that goes with that diet. If you doubt this, just look at the obesity epidemic even among children as young as three and four according to the evening news. One out of four Americans is considered obese Obesity Statistics! Also, New CDC Study How can this happen?See amusing video:


America didn't get this way overnight. The average calories available to the average American increased 25 percent, to more than 2500, between 1970 and 2010, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. There was no extra meal added to the day, instead an evolution in the type of foods Americans eat led to steady growth in calories.

Added fats and grains account for a growing share of total caloric intake. These two categories, which include oils and fats in processed foods and flour in cereals and breads, made up about 37 percent of our diet in 1970. By 2010, they were 46 percent larger share of the growing pie. One of the main factors: cost; the increasingly more caloric foods become progressively cheaper and more affordable. The result: more of the lower and middle classes gravitated toward it, leading to the epidemic shown above.



Knowing that the standard American diet (or SAD) is causing this in general and knowing what to do specifically is not automatic. We are not usually taught these things in school. There are certain little known techniques, which I will show you, that have been discovered by science and shamanism, that applied to certain groups like the astronauts help them stay slim even when they cannot exercise!!! I will share this with you and others what I have learned as a healer and Shaman and also through years of scientific and clinical research. Yes, I am a modern Shaman and use everything I can find to help myself and others. These techniques work. I have used them all and I know from experience. Remember, I will even share my own experience where I actually lost over 50 pounds in 90 days with little exercise and with only one minor adjustment to my diet! I was a songwriter at the time and spent most of my day sitting at the piano. Still, this one technique could help you lose a lot of fat easily. Not only will I show you how to lose that unwanted weight, but I will tell you how to do it and increase your health and well being at the same time.All addictions can be overcome if you just know how. Then, it is relatively easy.

You can have that ideal body very soon and no tricks involved with just a little effort on your part. The total cost is a mere $10.00 for the full report. Please use PayPal button and instructions below.


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