by Gary Wade, Physicist  (5/15/07)



OBJECTIVE -  To present in some technical detail several experimental energy based treatment modalities that can be used simultaneously or sequentially to produce a synergistic therapeutic outcome that in general greatly exceeds results coming from any one of these treatment modalities used separately.  Furthermore, the medical practitioner and or any other reader of this material should appreciate that this information should be common knowledge to all medical practitioners and be put into practice regularly. It is hoped that each practitioner will be creative with this presented information and incorporate as much as possible various forms of the technologies and treatment modalities discussed and illustrated below.


     Specific objectives/goals will vary somewhat from patient to patient.  However, in general, as a minimum, two goals will be sought during each patient treatment session: 1)  Greatly accelerated adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, and 2)  Killing off of both localized and systemic microbial infections.


     ATP is the essential cell work molecule.  The energy obtained from consuming food in the cellular respiration is stored in the ATP molecule.  ATP production in adequate amounts is essential for cell life, cell maintenance, cell repair, and maintenance of a strong immune system.  This implies that ATP is essential for tissue repair in general.  The removal of microbial infections in the body tissue is essential for maximum tissue repair and regeneration and good health in general.  As examples of needed ATP production and needed microbial kill off for tissue repair and regeneration we will consider the situation surrounding strokes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and autistic children.  However, the principles and technologies that will be considered can be applied to most tissue repair needs/conditions and microbial driven health problems in general. 


     It has been empirically shown that both hyperbaric oxygen treatments and high intensity static magnetic field treatments are effective in returning stroke victims to near normal condition(ref.1,2).  In the case of hyperbaric oxygen treatment, as the air pressure approaches 3 earth atmospheres absolute a significant amount of oxygen dissolves directly into the blood plasma of the lungs and is carried out to the body tissue without the need for red blood cells.  Each time in the treatment cycle when the pressure is reduced back to normal atmospheric pressure, the cells in the poorly vascularized brain injury area are again starved of oxygen and produce hormone-like substances which initiate arterioles, veinlets, and capillary growth into the damaged region(s).  Usually after 30 to 50 such hyperbaric oxygen cycles, the stroke region is fully re-vascularized.  Similarly, after approximately 50 to 100 hours of intense magnetic field therapy (5,000 or more gauss) the stroke region is also re-vascularized.  What these two different treatment modalities have in common is that they greatly increase the ability of the affected (oxygen deprived) cells in and around the damaged region to produce ATP.  ATP is the cell fuel, which is necessary for most cellular energetic activity.  ATP powers the cell and all tissue repair and maintenance.


     In the case of hyperbaric oxygen treatment, the cellular ATP production is increased due to the added availability of the needed oxygen for ATP production, the oxygen in the case of stroke being one of the important limiting resources for needed ATP production.  However, in the case of intense static magnetic field therapy, the applied magnetic field can apparently greatly accelerate the enzyme reaction rates of key enzymes in the respiratory chain inside the cell organelle the mitochondrion and thereby increases ATP production.  The applied magnetic field generally often increases enzyme reaction rates (ref. 3).  In other words the cell more effectively uses all available oxygen and has a more efficient cellular metabolism.  The removal of the applied magnetic field may also trigger a hormone release from oxygen deprived cells to produce re-vascularization into the region.


      Approximately 85% of the time, a stroke is caused by a small clot going to the brain and lodging in a small artery and thereby stopping down stream blood flow.  The other 15% of the time a small to large artery blows out (ruptures) causing a hematoma.  This is usually caused by high blood pressure.  The stroke causing blood clots are often apparently formed in association with high blood pressure and it’s associated turbulent blood flow at the location of an artery restriction region, where there is a plaque build up.  Research has shown using catheter temperature probes that these large plaque regions often have a temperature of 101 degrees F to 104 degrees F, indicating an active infection in the artery wall (ref. 4).  Biopsy of these artery wall regions, usually show, bacterial and or fungal infections.  Such an infection will have inflammation or swelling associated with it that significantly adds to the restriction of arterial blood flow.  Also, the infecting nano- bacteria usually have a calcium rich outer cell walls which are actively involved in the formation and maintenance of the arterial plaque.  The tissue of organs down stream from this combination inflammation and plaque induced restriction can experience significantly lower blood flow and therefore less oxygen supply.  These oxygen deprived organs or tissues will release hormone like compounds which have the end result of increasing blood pressure until adequate blood flow through the various artery restriction regions are achieved.  By using the right ultrasound frequencies to kill off the bacteria and fungus infections in the artery wall, the inflammation can be removed and therefore significant amounts of the restriction and associated higher blood pressure are removed.  This anti-microbial ultrasound technology is Rife type technology, which will be discussed below.


     The other main driver of high blood pressure is dehydration.  Being dehydrated requires the human body to use a lower blood volume.  This in turn requires the artery wall muscles to contract so that the arteries have a narrower cross section. The narrower artery cross sections require the heart to pump harder and faster to get an adequate blood flow supply to all body organs and tissue.  The majority of the middle aged and older adult population are generally dehydrated to varying degrees.  This problem is compounded by half the country’s drinking water supply being fluoridated by 1 ppm or more and therefore poisonous to most all biological chemical activities.  If we had legislators which were technically educated in chemistry, biology, and physics instead of the law (lawyers) we would not have fluoridated water and all of its associated health problems ( brittle bones, premature aging, lower fertility,  lowered immune system functioning, high cancer rate, much more docile behavior (this is why both the Nazis and Soviets fluoridated the water in their concentration camps), etc.)  All patients should be checked for dehydration and be encouraged to drink approximately one gallon a day of good non fluoridated water, and to avoid fluoridated water like the poison it is.


Multiple Sclerosis


     In the case of MS it has been shown that hyperbaric oxygen therapy as well as intense static magnetic field therapy can be very therapeutic in at least partially reversing the condition (ref. 5).  We may assume as one reasonable hypothesis that the increase in oxygen from hyperbaric oxygen treatment facilitates ATP production and tissue repair.  However, some MS seems to be associated with on going microbial infection in the neural tissue.  It may be an anaerobic microbe, which is susceptible to damage and death from increased oxygen to the tissue.  Also, these patients are good candidates for low intensity broad band ultrasound treatment to help in cleaning out all forms of microbial infection.  It was discovered in the 1920’s and 30’s by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife that every microbe (virus, bacteria, fungus, etc. ) he studied had at least one ultrasound frequency that destroyed it very easily.  By very slowly scanning through the entire range of ultrasound frequencies used by Rife and then some, it is possible to kill off the great majority of microbes.  This is what low intensity broad band ultrasound units, such as the Ultra 10A, are all about.  To get a good overview of Rife type technologies, please read the article VIBRATORY ENERGY MEDICINE .


Autistic Children


     In the case of autistic children, they can be separated into two groups.  One group in which the children were born with abnormal brain structure and or abnormal neural physiology.  The second group developed autistic behavior shortly after receiving one or more vaccinations; i.e.  MMR shots.  This is now by far the dominate cause of autism.  With the continuous on going increase in the number of mandatory vaccines for children the autism rate has gone from approximately 1 in 5,600 to 1 in 160.  Put simply, it is the vaccines stupid.  This second group may therefore also be suffering from a vaccine additive (toxin) and or an on going microbial infection in brain and or other body  tissue, which came from the vaccine(s).  It is not necessary for neural tissue to be virus or microbe infected for the neurological malfunctioning of autism to occur.  It is only necessary for toxins generated by the infection to be able to cross the blood brain barrier or to disrupt the biochemistry of a key body organ such as the liver.  For example, the drug LSD does not act directly on the brain, instead it inhibits the production of two enzymes in the liver that are normally secreted into the blood and taken to the brain.    They are therefore also good potential candidates for experimental low intensity broad band ultrasound treatments from Rife type technology, such as the Ultra 10A unit.


     It is believed that general tissue oxygenation and significantly greater ATP production will be very helpful in the improvement and recovery of all of the above discussed conditions.  However, there is a need to go after possible microbe infections (viral, bacterial, and ?) in the patients for whom the infection may be driving their condition and stopping or greatly slowing their recovery (tissue repair).  And this will also hold true for many other types of conditions that a alternative health practitioner may encounter.  Five energy based methods for potentially achieving this goal of microbial cleansing are: 1)  Low intensity broad band ultrasound treatment, 2)  Ozone decay light therapy, along with infra red LED  light therapy , 3)  High intensity “color” therapy,  4)  Charge density wave therapy, and 5) Pulsed magnetic field therapy.  These five methods will be discussed in more detail below, but first we will concentrate on ATP production enhancement.




     Specifically, the proposal to achieve greatly enhanced ATP production is to combine simultaneously the exposure of the patient to ozone decay light / infrared LED light, a much larger than ambient magnetic field, and a very high concentration of negatively charged oxygen molecules.  The function of each of these modalities and how they interact in a way to give greatly enhanced ATP production will be discussed below.


      Negative Oxygen Molecule Ion -    A negatively charged oxygen molecule is a oxygen molecule with an extra negatively charged electron.  The negatively charged oxygen molecule seems to have at least three uses/functions in our body:  1)  To help in the transport of other oxygen molecules from the surface of red corpuscles in the capillaries to the outside of the tissue cell bi-lipid membrane, 2)  To help in transport of oxygen molecules across the cell bi-lipid membrane into the cell, 3)  To donate a spare electron when needed to be used in the series of enzyme reactions of the respiratory chain of the cell’s mitochondria,  which produce the great majority of the cell fuel ATP.


1)       Transport of Oxygen Molecules in Interstitial Cellular Fluids-  When red blood corpuscles enter the capillaries, they deform from a plate/disk shaped geometry into a cone shaped shell, as shown in cross sectional view in Figure 1.  These deformed corpuscles form or obtain a negative charge on their leading edge cone surface (ref. 6).  It will be postulated that either one or both negative oxygen molecules are created at or are attached to the surface of the red corpuscles.  ( Perhaps the acupuncture meridian system is supplying some of these negative oxygen ions to the red corpuscle surface.  We will come back to this possibility later on. )  And furthermore, as the red corpuscle transits the capillary, oxygen molecules being released by the hemoglobin inside them interact at the corpuscle surface with the surface negatively charged oxygen molecules to form higher order negatively charged oxygen molecule clusters N(O2)-, where N is a small integer.  These oxygen molecule clusters are maintained by the exchange forces from sharing/fighting over the extra electron.  These clusters are only semi stable and will “dissolve” as they transit the interstitial spaces between the cells.  These negatively charged oxygen molecule clusters move into the interstitial spaces between cells.  These oxygen molecule clusters are being moved along into the tissue by diffusion processes, pressure differential, and a weak electric field.  This weak electric field is setup in the body tissue by electric currents supplied to the tissue by the Schwann cells surrounding motor nerve axons and dendrites of skin sensor nerves (ref. 7).


2)       Transport of Oxygen Molecules Across the Cell Bi-lipid Membrane-  It has been determined that oxygen molecules are transported across the cellular bi-lipid membrane by/with the calcium ion (Ca ++) (ref. 8, 9).  I am not talking about oxygen going along with the calcium ion through calcium ion channels or gates in the cell membrane.  I am talking about oxygen molecules actively coupling with calcium ions and diffusing or being actively transported across the cell bi-lipid membrane.  The N(O2)-  cluster will have a natural affinity for the Ca++ ion and water  molecular cluster because they are opposite in charge and will attract each other.  On the average approximately one N(O2)- cluster should be closely associated or over lapping with the Calcium ion molecular water cluster.  Furthermore, it has been determined that the phosphorous oxygen bonds (two electron pairs) in the phosphate group of the head of the phospholipid molecule of the cell bi-lipid layer ( see Figure 2 ) must be raised to an excited state for the Ca++  ion to be efficiently and actively transported across the cell bi-lipid membrane into the cell and carry/drag the oxygen molecules with it (ref. 8, 9).  Light in the top end of the infra red light  frequency range such as emitted from meta-stable oxygen molecule decay is effective in raising the phosphorous-oxygen bonds to the excited states needed to facilitate the active transport of the combination calcium-oxygen charged cluster across the cell bi-lipid membrane.  This meta-stable oxygen molecule decay light is also called ozone decay light which will be discussed below.


3)       Electrons for Respiratory Chain -  When looking at the respiratory chain for ATP production it will be noted that for conversion of this food stuff into carbon dioxide, water, and ATP there is a set of enzyme reactions that pass along two electrons to be used in a catalytic fashion for ATP production (Figure 3).  (Consult a biology text book for all the details on ATP production in the respiratory chain.)  According to the respiratory chain enzyme reaction equations there is no need for extra electrons from an outside source to be supplied to the series of enzyme reactions.  This is an error.   In the real world crap happens, i.e. a transport electron in the respiratory chain  gets lost somehow.  The production of ATP comes to a halt until another electron is found.  Question, where can the enzyme find a spare electron?  Answer, a negatively charged oxygen molecule waiting to under go a reduction reaction to make ATP can supply the needed electron.  This ready availability of spare electrons keeps the ATP production at an optimal production rate.  To illustrate this important phenomenon along with increased oxygen transport by negative oxygen molecule ions, consider the experiment carried out by D.A. Lapitsky.  Lapitsky placed small animals in a chamber with air of an abnormally low oxygen level.  As the animals passed out and were about to die from asphyxiation, he turned on negative ion generators in the chamber, which generated negatively charged oxygen molecule ions.  The animals became conscious, sat up, sniffed the air, and began to run around the chamber.  When the negative ion generators were again turned off the animals soon passed out again (ref. 10, p. 52).  I highly recommend that you read the book THE ION EFFECT by Fred Soyka with Alan Edmonds ( ISBN #  0-553-20755-5 ).  


Ozone Decay Light Therapy and Infra Red LED Light Therapy-  As already stated above the infra red light emissions from meta-stable oxygen molecules generated in the ozone decay process (see Figure 4) can raise the molecular bonds between the oxygen atom and the phosphorous atom in the phosphate group on the phospholipid molecules of the bi-lipid membrane to an excited state (see Figure 2).  In this excited state there is a rearrangement of charge configuration in the phospholipid head of the lipid molecule in the cell membrane.  This excited state with its associated charge redistribution is required to cause efficient active transport of the calcium ion and associated oxygen molecule(s) and or negatively charged oxygen ion cluster across the cell bi-lipid membrane.  The human body is fairly translucent to this meta-stable oxygen molecule decay light;  specifically, the infra red wave length 762 nm emitted by the 8 second half life meta stable Sigma state going to the oxygen molecule ground state.  This decay light can go into the body tissue and activate the phospholipid molecule phosphorus and oxygen double bonds into an excited relatively long half life state.  It is known from experiments that the rate of calcium ion transport (T) across the cell membrane, which “drags” the oxygen ion complex with it, follows a high power law of the intensity (I) of the infra red light in the frequency range of that emitted from meta-stable oxygen molecule decay to the ground state  (ref. 8, 9).  In other words, T is approximately  proportional to I to the Nth power, where N is a small integer.  For example, imagine that the calcium ion /oxygen molecule transport rate across the cell membrane followed a fourth power law of the infra red light intensity.  This would mean that a doubling of the light intensity would cause a 24 = 16 fold increase in transport.  If the transport rate followed a sixth power law of the light intensity, then with a doubling of the intensity there would be a 26 = 64 fold increase in the transport rate across the cell membrane.  Of course this assumes that there is that much calcium ion and oxygen available for transport across the cell membrane. (This type of calcium ion transport is not to be confused with calcium ion transport through specific calcium ion channels in the cell membrane).  The apparent reason for the high power law of infra red light intensity has to do with the need to have two or probably more adjacent phospholipid molecule heads in an excited state for active transport of the calcium and oxygen molecule complex to be efficiently  actively transported across the cell bi-lipid membrane.  Therefore a small increase in the intensity of the meta-stable decay light or some other light in this wavelength region, for example light from a IR diode laser or IR  LED, generates a much larger transport of the calcium ion and associated oxygen molecule ion clusters into the cell.  More oxygen is available for ATP production and also negative oxygen molecules to keep the respiratory chain moving efficiently.


     As stated above the human body is fairly translucent to this meta-stable oxygen molecule decay light.  Upon absorption of this decay light by an oxygen molecule inside the body, this oxygen molecule will go into a meta-stable state.  It can decay back to normal oxygen emitting infra red light or it can chemically react or it can pass its excitation energy onto another molecule.  This meta-stable oxygen is very effective at damaging and destroying many kinds of microorganisms and viruses.  This is because meta-stable oxygen molecules are exceedingly more chemically reactive than normal oxygen molecules.  Anaerobic microbes are particularly susceptible to damage from meta-stable oxygen molecules.  This could be particularly important in helping to clean out certain possible infections in young children from vaccinations, which are driving their health problems.  This ozone decay light applied along with experimental broad band low intensity ultrasound technology can be expected to be a very powerful tool for cleaning microbe infections out of the body.


     While this meta-stable oxygen molecule can/could be expected to be also harmful/damaging to normal cell chemistry, this damage can be greatly mitigated by ample intake of anti-oxidant such as vitamins A, E, and the mineral selenium and co-enzyme Q-10, etc..  Vitamin C should only be used after ozone decay light therapy do to vitamin C’s strong chemical reaction with meta-stable oxygen in the blood where it forms a toxic compound.


     I first became aware of the potential microbial transforming,  debilitating and killing power of ozone decay light when I read the unpublished work of my friend Merlin Wolf.  Many years ago (~1969) he performed, for his company, a simple experiment in which he exposed fungus cultures to ozone decay light.  He placed a group of fungus cultures contained in dishes with the glass lids hermetically sealed on, into an air tight box which contained a high concentration of circulating ozone gas.  After approximately twenty minutes exposure the fungus  cultures were removed.  Samples of ozone decay light exposed cultures of fungus were placed on new growth media and cultured.  The new cultures showed no spore formation, only mycelium growth.  These new cultures were likewise transplanted to new growth medium for over ten transplant generations and only mycelium growth was observed, but no spore formation.  This phenomenon may well explain why pumping large amounts of ozonated air into basements, under houses, and inside walls can either greatly reduce or generally eliminate health problems from the spores of molds and fungi.


     Merlin Wolf also evaluated for his company the use of ozone in semiconductor clean room fabrication processes to control and eliminate air born organic micro particulate.  In a linear series of adjacent clean rooms separated/partitioned by large glass windows/walls, one clean room had a maintained constant ozone concentration level and the micro particulate count was monitored verses time.  Not only did the micro particulate count continually and rather significantly decrease in the ozone clean room, but also in all of the adjacent rooms.  The nearer the clean room to the ozone clean room, the faster the micro particulate count went down.  All surfaces including dust particle surfaces have a ultra thin layer of physically adsorbed oxygen and water molecules.  When the physically adsorbed oxygen molecules on the dust surface absorb the meta-stable oxygen molecule decay light, it goes into a meta-stable state which is exceedingly chemically reactive and reacts to oxidize on the particle surface.  Of course the oxygen in the room air also absorbs the decay light and goes into the meta-stable state which reacts with dust particles.   In the case of organic dust particles, generally carbon dioxide, sulfur and nitrogen containing gases and water are formed.  Over time with ozone decay light exposure, the organic dust particle is converted to gas and disappears.  The common surfaces we come into contact with each day have all kinds of spores, viruses, and bacteria on them.  These spores, viruses, and bacteria also have an ultra thin layer of continually renewed physically absorb oxygen and water.  And they to can be “dissolved” away by interaction with ozone decay light.  All house and hospital surfaces could be disinfected of these microbes by either the use of direct ozone at very low and very safe concentration levels and or ozone decay light by its self.  Special, yet to be invented, high frequency gas light tubes that also generate meta-stable oxygen decay light  (ozone decay light) could replace some of the common high frequency fluorescent light bulbs/tubes in hospitals and homes.


Infra Red LED Light Therapy-  The top end of the infra red spectrum is very useful at exciting various enzymes and proteins in the body to be able to carry out useful functions.  In particular enzymes in the respiratory chain that produce ATP can absorb top end infra red light and use it to increase their rate of ATP production rather significantly.  ATP is the key to all tissue repair processes.  You can go onto the Google search engine and find large numbers of research papers on how to use infra red LED light to treat all kinds of conditions.  Also, you can find lots of web sites to sell you infra red LED products for experimental medical treatment.


Magnetic Field Therapy-  It is empirically known that intense  static magnetic fields ( 5,000 gauss + ) can have a very  therapeutic value for various health conditions , i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease, General Brain Injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Stroke Impairment, Sports Injuries, Back, Knee and Joint Problems.  (ref. 11).  From scientific research it is known that static magnetic fields speed up many enzyme reaction rates (ref. 3).  In particular key enzymes involved in ATP production.


     From what has been stated above, it can be inferred that a judicious combination of negative oxygen molecule ion therapy, ozone decay light therapy, infra red LED light therapy  and static magnetic field therapy can achieve greatly enhanced ATP production, which facilitates tissue regeneration and repair (healing).  Below will be presented a proposed set of experimental physical constructs to achieve the above stated judicious combination of modalities.


Physical Hardware for Increasing ATP Production


     Each alternative health practitioner that attempts/tries out the various treatment modalities discussed here will do it in their own way.  This is due to available treatment space, financial resources available, technical/hands on ability, and personal preferences.  I will give you my thoughts on application to practice and the rest is up to the practitioner and their associates and their patients to experiment with. 


1)       Artificial Magnetic Field Environment -  By laying down a large number of insulated wire turns onto the boundary of the area/region (perhaps an entire room or building) being used for treatment and running a very smooth D.C. current through this coil, a rather significant increase in magnetic field can be achieved inside the treatment area. It is nearly essential that the generated magnetic field be of approximately the same polarization (direction) in the treatment area as the earth magnetic field is in the treatment area.  For example, in the Los Angeles area the earth’s magnetic field enters the ground or has a dip angle of approximately 58 degrees below the horizontal.  And the horizontal magnetic field component points approximately to the earth’s geographic north pole, which is in the approximate direction of the earth’s south magnetic pole.   Dr. Dean Bonlie who has worked extensively in treating patients with intense ( 5,000 gauss +) magnetic fields has found or determined that the patient’s body and particularly their mitochondria are apparently magnetically polarized or their substructures reordered  by the earth’s magnetic field while they sleep.  It is during this polarized sleeping period that the body does much or most of it repair and maintenance work, while having the earth’s magnetic field significantly increase the enzyme reaction rate of the key enzymes involved in ATP production.   For magnetic field therapy the patient should be oriented in the magnetic field such that it is approximately (within plus or minus 45 degrees of) the same orientation the patient experiences while sleeping in their bed in the earth’s magnetic field.  For example some people sleep mainly on their back, some on their side, some on their right side, and some on their belly.  Some people sleep with their head pointing north, some pointing east, some etc..  In other words when using the static magnetic field treatment on the patient, have the patient positioned in the magnetic field as they were home sleeping.  Without the earth magnetic field, people would produce significantly less ATP and have a compromised immune system.  When people get out of bed and continually move around during the day, the magnetic polarization in the body from the sleeping in a particular orientation in the earth’s magnetic field has a persistence.


           The magnetic field treatment option for increased ATP production is a bit tricky to implement due to potentially detrimental effects outside the coil perimeter.  Outside the coil perimeter the magnetic field is reversed in direction to that inside the coil.  Therefore the artificial magnetic field outside the coil tends to cancel out the earth’s magnetic field and leave in it’s place a reversal field polarity, or a null field or a weaker field depending on the distance from the coil and the strength of field generated by the coil.  This affect is a serious health concern for at least several coil diameters away from the coil edge.  For example imagine that an entire treatment room perimeter had a coil on it.  Now all the rooms on the other side of the wall from this treatment room would have magnetic fields approximately opposite to the earth’s magnetic field with a varying of magnetic field strength across this room and rooms adjacent to them.  Over the long term this situation could potentially cause health problems for people inhabiting these rooms.  For this reason if the magnetic field option is going to be attempted, it is best to have the magnetic treatment room/house isolated away from other work/treatment areas.  You will need to find a physics teacher or student to help you design your coil and DC power supply.  The DC power output needs to be very low ripple (smooth).  The other option is to obtain magnetic sleep pads and treat the patients on these sleep pads.  The magnetic fields from the sleep pads are very localized.  Such magnetic sleep pads are obtainable from Magnetic Co (1-800-265-1119).


2)  Negative Oxygen Molecule Ion Generation, Confinement,   

     and Absorption -  By placing several negative ion generators into the enclosed treatment area a high concentration of negatively charged oxygen molecules can be built up in the air of the treatment area.  Then by having the patient hold onto, sit on or lay on ( make a good electrical contact with the body surface )  a low voltage (+40 to +160 volts) high impedance (10 meg ohm to 20 meg ohm resistance) positively charged surface (electrode), the patient can attract to their body surface copious amounts of negatively charged oxygen molecules to be absorbed both through the lungs and acupuncture points.  This circuit with electrically conducting fabric is soon to be  available at under the name Oxygen Ion Energizer.   The patient needs to be in contact with the positive surface (electrode).  The reasons for this electrode connection are two fold.  One is to take away electrons and thereby charge the body surface to a positive voltage, which will draw into the body surface negative oxygen molecule ions.  The second is to not build up a negative charge from taking in negatively charged oxygen molecules until the build up of negative charge on the body surface repels any more negative ions from reaching the body surface.  The practitioner needs to be aware of the need to also be earth grounded or charge themselves up like the patient, if they are going to be in the treatment area for long. 


     Acupuncture points are designed to take in negatively charged oxygen molecules and place them into the meridian system network for distribution to body organs and tissue See Figure 5C).  Figure 5D shows a twenty four hour meridian “energy” supply to body organs chart.  Each major organ has a two hour period in which it is the major receptacle of “energy” (negatively charged oxygen molecules) from the meridian system.  Furthermore, that same organ has another two hour period twelve hours away from the major one hour period in which it also receives a larger than normal supply of the “energy” from the meridian system.  This twenty four hour clock chart for the organs is sun rise and sun down calibrated.  Midnight on the chart would be half way between sun down and sun rise time.  Therefore, the chart times are always changing compared to normal clock time, since sun rise and sun down continually change compared to normal clock time throughout the year.  Also two other conditions are at play, namely your location in your in your time zone and are you on day light savings time or not?  The important message to get from this meridian organ chart is that depending upon what the patient’s problems are it might be best to treat the patient with negative ion therapy during one of the major or minor one hour periods in which the involved or concerned organ(s) gets its main attention from the meridian system.


      Measurements by ultra high impedance volt meters show that acupuncture points usually maintain a positive voltage of 5 to 10 volts relative to the body’s average voltage, i.e. compared to the potential from an electrode connected to the brachial plexus.  The body has/maintains a bi-polar charge/voltage distribution on its surface ( see Figures 6).  This bi-polar charge/voltage distribution flips polarity back and forth about every 15 to 20 minutes.  The negatively charged side of the body draws in positive ions such as CO2+ and O2+ and the positively charged side draws in negative ions such as O2-.  These negative ions then migrate over the body surface under the influence of the weak , but significant voltage gradient on the body surface until they reach a acupuncture point and are absorbed.  The CO2+  and O2+ accept electrons from the body surface and or the air passages and lungs and become CO2  and O2.  This removal of electrons from the body surface allows the body to maintain one body side at a relatively positive charge for negative ion attraction.  A key point to understand is that if the body surface is not being maintained at some positive voltage by some external device, then there is a need for both positive and negative ions to be present in roughly similar amounts.


      The main sources of positive and negative ions in our normal environment are sun light (photo ionization), cosmic rays, natural background radiation from the break down of trace amounts of radioactive isotopes in the environment, pine needles in the mountains, which can produce copious amounts of negative ions.  The main source of ions for the great majority of people is the break down of radioactive isotopes.  The various radioactive isotopes during break down commonly emit high energy (fast) electrons, high energy (fast) protons, and high energy (fast) alpha particles.  As these high energy particles pass through the air they make many thousands of collisions with air molecules breaking them up into positive and negative ions.  Some of the main resultant ions generated are O2- ,O2+,and CO2+.  The O2- is absorbed by acupuncture points on animals and CO2+ is taken in by stomata on the bottom side of plant leaves which are negatively charged compared to the top of the leave side.  Near the surface of the earth the positive ions concentration generally is significantly greater then the negative ion concentration.  This is do to the earth surface having a net 220,000 volt negative charge and the bottom of the ionosphere having a 220,000 volts positive charge.  The ions generated at the earth surface find themselves in between two charged surfaces.  The positive ions (CO2+) remain near or go toward and collect at the negative surface (the earth surface) and the negative ions (O2-) go toward the ionosphere.  Animals by having a dipole electric field on their surfaces are able to draw onto themselves both CO2+ and O2-.


3)  Ozone Decay Light  Treatment -  >Let us assume the treatment area is a room of lets say 20 ft. X 15 ft. X 8 ft..  It should be a relatively easy matter to have a large mirror ( 6 ft. X 6 ft. ) placed on the ceiling or wall and have it sealed in air tight with a wooden surrounding frame and transparent glass window.  (Do not use silicon as a sealant.  Use an epoxy.)  The mirror and glass window can be made from one or more mirrors or glass windows as long as the enclosure is air tight.  This could also be done in a much smaller room or enclosure for patient privacy and treatment convenience, i.e. a large closet (see Figure 7 and Figure 8). 


     The distance from the mirror surface to the glass window should be about one foot.  Ozonated air is fed into the enclosure from a corner and it leaves from the opposite diagonal corner through a hose that feeds back into the ozone resistant air pump that feeds the ozone generator or that vents to the outside world or perhaps into a jacuzzi or swimming pool.  When the meta-stable oxygen generated from the ozone decay process goes to the ground state (see Figure 4), it emits  infra red light from the top end of the infra red spectrum, which passes through the window glass onto the patient who is in their under ware or nude and therefore exposing their skin to near maximum amount of ozone decay light.  The closer the patient to the window the better.  Note:  Do not have any other mirrors face off directly against the mirror in the ozone decay light box.  This would cause a laser action effect that would greatly decrease or  destroy the desired result of increased ATP production and anti-microbial action.  Additional mirrors for concentrating the decay light on one person should make an angle of at least 60 deg. with the mirror in the ozone decay chamber (see Figure  8). 


     Another method for getting ozone decay light benefits is to be ozone body bagged.  That is the patient gets into a specially constructed body bag or tent, while in the nude with only their head sticking out.  Strongly ozonated air is pumped into the body bag or tent and the bag swells up creating a volume of ozonated air which has ozone decaying and meta-stable oxygen going to the ground state releasing infra red light.  If the inside of the bag or tent is a non-oxidizing light reflective surface better and quicker results can be obtained.  This ozone bagging will need to be carried out in a well ventilated room.


     Still another method for meta-stable oxygen decay light to be generated is with an ozone decay light laser.  This meta-stable oxygen laser produces a beam of Infra Red light from the top of the infra red light spectrum  which can be shown onto an infected or injured area of the body (see Figure 9).  This infra red laser light can both create meta-stable oxygen molecules to fight infection in the tissue while at the same time greatly accelerate oxygen transport into cells for accelerated ATP production and associated accelerated tissue repair.  An experimental ozone decay light laser will soon be available by commissioning agreement through





     Many diseases and ill health conditions are microbe driven.  Sometimes these microbe infections are easily recognized and well known.  Other times these infections are very hard to detect and are not recognized as being present.  Apparently much of what is considered normal aging and normal aging health problems are actually low grade long term microbe infections.  With these non-detected and or unsuspected long term low grade infections eliminated, the patient quite often experiences a renewed vigor for life with the energy and endurance to pursue life to it’s fullest.


     Below are listed five energy based treatment modalities for destroying microbes in human/animal tissue.  A brief description of each of these modalities is given along with references for future research and study.  The practitioner should by now realize that longer overall treatment times will be necessary for most patients on many of their office visits.  It may well become desirable to have evening and late night treatment sessions a couple or so days a week to take advantage of the working of the meridian system.


1)       Low Intensity Broad Band Ultrasound Treatment-  The fundamental point to understand is that every microbe that Dr. Royal Raymond Rife worked with had at least one frequency of mechanical vibration (sound/ultrasound) that killed it very easily using a very low intensity of sound/ultrasound.


            Today, there are fairly large lists of so-called Rife frequencies available on the internet that are used by various voltage square wave devices/machines which have been moderately successful in treating a long list of conditions.  These are machines in which the patient generally holds onto cylindrical electrodes or sits on or stands on pads, etc..  However, the frequencies used by these machines are not in general the frequencies Dr. Rife used in destroying the microbes Rife worked with using his frequency instrument.  There are many conditions for which these frequencies are not very effective.  And, there are many conditions for which no frequencies are known at all.


     To overcome these shortcomings an ultrasound generation machine is needed that slowly scans through all of the frequency range that Rife was known to have worked with and then some.  Just such a machine is the experimental low intensity broad band ultrasound unit, the ULTRA 10A.  The ULTRA 10A  by using various voltage wave form patterns applied to a piezoelectric element produces complex harmonic patterns (frequency sets) of sound/ultrasound.  By slowly changing the frequencies of the voltage wave form patterns, the complex harmonic frequency patterns of sound/ultrasound produced by the piezoelectric element can be slowly varied.  In other words, by the proper choice of voltage wave form scanning patterns applied to a piezoelectric transducer element, the entire range of ultrasound frequencies used by Rife in his research and then some can be generated.  If you do not know the frequency of the ultrasound that kills the microbe, it does not matter as long as you can scan through that ultrasound frequency at a slow enough rate and at some associated  minimum intensity to do the job of killing/disabling that microbe. 


2)       Microbe and Viral Treatment with Ozone Decay Light -   When ozone decays, it breaks apart into a single oxygen atom and a oxygen molecule of two bound together oxygen atoms (see Figure 4).  The single oxygen atom is very chemically reactive and quickly reacts with something.  The oxygen molecule coming from ozone decay is often in an excited meta-stable state.  The meta-stable oxygen molecule is exceedingly  more chemically reactive then the normal oxygen molecule and very anti-microbial.  Aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as well as viruses are very susceptible to damage and destruction by both meta-stable oxygen molecules and single oxygen atoms.  The oxygen molecule has two such meta-stable states,  one of which has a half life in air of approximately 8 seconds (the Sigma state) and the other a half life in air of approximately 45 minutes (the delta state).  When these excited meta-stable states decay to the ground state, they emit an infra red light photon from the top end of the infra red spectrum.  Namely, 762 nm for the Sigma state going to the ground state and 1,275 nm for the delta state going to the ground state.  When this light goes into the body tissue, it has a fair probability of being absorbed by a oxygen molecule.  That oxygen molecule which absorbs this light goes into the meta-stable state.  By having the patient lay/stand in front of a strong ozone decay light source in their under ware, significant meta-stable oxygen can be generated inside the body of the patient and a microbe die off can be expected.  For more localized treatment of an infected area or an area that needs tissue regeneration, a experimental low intensity meta-stable oxygen molecule laser can be used.  An experimental low intensity meta-stable oxygen laser will be soon available by commissioning agreement from


3)       High Intensity “Color” Therapy -  Many viruses and bacteria are susceptible to disruption and destruction by specific light frequency ranges for each specific microbe.  By using one or more high pressure mercury arc lamp source(s) and then putting light color filters on it (narrow band infra red filters are included), a light source is generatede that will destroy and or disrupt specific viruses and bacteria (see Figure 10 ).  For detailed information consult the article,  DNA DISRUPTION IN VIRUSES AND ANIMALS BY THE USE OF SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION WHICH MATCH THE RESONANCE FREQUENCXIES OF THE DNA SECTION WHEN THE DNA SECTION IS CONSIDERED AS AN ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE ANTANA STRUCTURE By Gary Wade, Physicist, 12/29/02 , on the web site  Note that even a light frequency that is a fair amount off the ideal resonance frequency and or its harmonics for the virus/microbe in question can still deactivate the virus/microbe as long as the light has a relatively narrow frequency spread (a relatively pure “color”).  You can obtain viral DNA genome length information to be used in needed light frequency calculations, at .  The velocity (V) of the electrical wave on the DNA is approximately equal to: V = 1 / (LC)1/2; where L is the inductance per unit length and C is the capacitance per unit length.  In general the L and C values are unknown or not well known.   


            A patient should be exposed to such a light source while in their under ware or nature suit.  The exposure should be for something like ten minutes or so while the patient attempts to get their entire body surface exposed to the light and in particular any obviously infected regions.


     To get a whole new way to see how light can be used for  treatment of health problems, it would be a particularly good idea to look into the work of Darius Dinshah.  I recommend the book, LET THERE BE LIGHT, by Darius Dinshah, ISBN # 0-933917-00-7.


4)       Charge Density Wave Therapy -  Charge density waves are a moving compaction or rarefaction of ion density in an ionic medium.  For example your body’s blood plasma and interstitial fluids are a salt solution similar to ocean water.  The blood plasma and interstitial fluids are full of all kinds of positive and negative ions (Na+, K+, Cl-, Mg++, Ca++, HCO2-, OH-, etc.).  By applying a rapidly changing electric field to the boundary layer (your dead skin) of the salt solution, moving compaction and rarefaction waves (charge density waves) in the salt solution can be generated.  These charge density waves can have rather strong electric fields associated with the interface between the moving charge density wave front and the undisturbed ionic medium.  As a specific example consider the case where a person is holding on to a cylindrical metal electrode in each hand.  Let one electrode be at a positive voltage ( positively charged ) and the other be at a negative voltage ( negatively charged ).  The positive electrode will attract a layer of negative ions to the other side of the dead skin layer from the electrode and repel the positive ions a little back into solution away from the dead skin layer.  A similar situation will occur at the negative electrode region, except there will be a reversal of the ion types displaced.  Now, if the polarity of the electrodes are rapidly reversed (negative electrode becomes a positive electrode and visa versa) there will be a reordering of the ions facing off against the electrodes.  The formally positive electrode will now repel the negative ion layer away causing a negative ion charge density wave ( a charge density compression wave)  to move away from the dead skin layer into the body.  Because the electrode is now charging up to a negative voltage it will draw in a positive ion layer to face off against it.  However, the positive ions moving toward the dead skin layer leave a depletion of positive ions from where they moved from.  Other adjacent positive ions fill in their former space.  In turn these positive ions have their former space filled in by adjacent positive ions. And so on and so forth.  This is a charge density depletion wave.  Both the compression and depletion charge density waves have electric fields at their interface to the medium through which they are moving.  The strength of these electric fields is determined by how fast the polarity flip/reversal is completed and the magnitude of the voltage used.  If the electric field is strong enough it can interact with proteins in the blood, on virus surfaces, and on bacteria surfaces and rearrange their structures so they no longer perform their normal function.  In general proteins in living systems are strings of amino acids that are folded up into specific configurations and are held in these configurations by cross liking hydrogen bonds and short range van der Wall forces.  These hydrogen bonds are very weak chemical bonds.  The proteins have various net  positive and net negatively charged regions on them.  The electric field of the moving charge density wave interacts with these net charge regions and puts forces on these protein molecules.  If the forces are high enough hydrogen bonds can be broken and the protein rearranges itself.  In general the size, shape, and specific charge configuration of a specific protein is crucial to the proper functioning of that protein.   For example, in South America when a person gets bitten by a poisonous snake, they pull a spark plug wire off the car and shock the holly crap out of the bite region (ref. 11). The charge density wave electric fields rearrange the snake venom proteins into relatively harmless proteins (see Figure 11).   In a similar fashion, as a charge density wave overcomes a virus the electric field of the charge density wave can rearrange the virus surface proteins responsible for attachment of the virus to the target cell.  With these surface attachment proteins non-functional the virus can not infect new cells.  Similarly, when charge density waves pass over the surface of bacteria they can denature delicate bacteria proteins used by and often essential for bacteria’s on going proper functioning and continued existence.


           There are several forms of charge density wave generation devices available.  One of them is a de-rated stun gun which has had it’s output voltage lowered to approximately 25 thousand volts from 80+ thousand volts.  This stun gun is used mainly for snake bites, but can also be used for spider bites and insect bites.  Another tried and true device is Edgar Cayce’s Violet Ray.  The Violet Ray device produces not only charge density waves, but also ozone, negative oxygen molecule ions, and bottom end of ultra violet light spectrum light.  The Violet Ray is often found to be very useful in treating insect and spider bites, skin infections, inflammation and soreness in muscle and joint tissue.  The Violet Ray can be purchased on the internet.  A third device is the Wolf Tech.  It is very similar to the Violet Ray, but is much smaller in size and is battery operated.  It is a great device for the practitioner to have in their pocket. 

(The Wolf Tech can be found at   


5)       Pulsed Ringing Magnetic Field Therapy for Microbial Control


The rapid discharge of a high voltage capacitor through a coil of wire can produce anti microbial phenomena.  If the capacitance of the capacitor and the inductance of the coil of wire are chosen properly, they can produce a high frequency oscillating magnetic field when wired together through spark gaps.  The rapidly changing magnetic field produces strong electric fields in the space around the coil.  And these electric fields are also rapidly changing in strength.  The electric field will produce charge density waves in the body’s electrolytic juices and eddy currents throughout the body tissue.  We have already discussed the charge density waves.  The electrical eddy currents when they enter the range of 100 microamperes per square centimeter to 200,000 microamperes per square centimeter they begin to biologically deactivate all manor of viruses and microbes as discussed in U.S. Patent # 5,188,738.  The properly designed magnetic pulse units are very useful for fighting microbial and viral infections while at the same time promoting tissue repair.   




  For Tissue Repair After Infections Are Under Control


       Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy –   Many phenomena occur when animal tissue is exposed to rapidly changing magnetic fields.  Which phenomenon is most observed depends on the strength, rate of change of, and duration of change of, the magnetic field.  As discussed above these charge density waves and electrical eddy currents can be very anti microbial. Another useful and interesting phenomenon that can be caused by a repeatedly pulsed magnetic field is dedifferentiation of fibroblast cells and some types of precursor endothelial cell types into embryonic looking cells.  This dedifferentiation of fibroblast cells is very important.  When a person suffers severe/traumatic physical injury, i.e. tissue damage, fibroblast cells, which normally are dispersed in the body fatty tissue and circulate in the blood, migrate to and accumulate at the damaged tissue site to form an emergency tissue patch.  If the damage is not to severe the injury will be nearly fully repaired with only minor scar tissue remaining in the area.  The scar tissue is mainly made up of fibroblast cells that have laid down and are maintaining a tough collagen protein fiber matrix, which holds all the surrounding tissue together.   When these cells are made to dedifferentiate by exposure to the appropriate pulsed magnetic field, while they are part of and are maintaining scar tissue or damaged tissue soon to become scar tissue, the result is that some of the cells do not go back to being fibroblast and endothelial cells.  Instead they become the type of cell that should be there at their location in the damaged tissue or on the scar tissue edge, if the damaged tissue or scar tissue were not there.  By exposing the damaged tissue or scar tissue to repeated pulsed magnetic fields for approximately 5 to 15 minutes varying from twice every day to once every other day for approximately one to six weeks often much of the damaged tissue or scar tissue can apparently  be repaired/ removed and be replaced with normal healthy tissue. 


     The fibroblast and endothelial cells are believed to be made to go embryonic due to drastic changes in ionic concentrations in the cell cytoplasm and therefore the cell nucleus.  These ionic concentrations react with the cell DNA and DNA coupling proteins opening up some gene sets and closing down others.  It is apparently the rapid onset of a strong pulsed electric field generated by the pulsed magnetic field which causes some cell ion gate types to either open and or be set into their natural mechanical resonate vibration mode which effectively makes the gates open and then can be forced fed ions by the same oscillating electric field (see Figure 12, Figure 13B, and Figure 14).  Experiments that I conducted at the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases showed a relatively  wide range of combinations of range of pulsed electric field rise times, pulsed electric field strengths, electric field pulse time widths, pulse rates, and total time of exposure to pulses that could produce the desired results of having fibroblast cells become embryonic looking and embryonic like in their behavior.


     An experimental pulsed magnetic field generator device for experimental treatment of damaged tissue (scar tissue) and damaged tissue that is in danger of becoming scar tissue will soon be available by commissioning agreement from  It is recommended for experimental treatment on joint and cartilage damage, tendon damage, ligament damage, adhesions from surgery and traumatic accidents, i.e. sports injuries and car crashes.  It is also for experimental treatment of infections.  It is recommended that veterinarians experiment with this technology, in particular on such large animals as horses that are often very difficult to work on by other methods for the problems mentioned above.





     An alternative health practitioner can physically modify their office with various energy medicine therapeutic devices and setups.  This will allow the practitioner to evaluate their patient’s needs and apply a treatment protocol that can quickly show very positive healing results.  Conditions which before were near hopeless or would take an exceedingly long time to resolve can be remedied or alleviated relatively quickly.  The overall health level and vitality of the patient can be brought to a whole new level, which the patient may not have experienced since their youth. 



Editorial note


     Of course no matter how good the energy medicine technology used is, the patient has to have an adequate balanced nutritional intake to take full advantage of energy medicine technology.  Unfortunately much of the American industrial food supply is grossly lacking in nutritional value.  It is very short on vital minerals, vitamins, and essential oils.  This is a result of mineral depleted soils throughout America.  We have industrial food preparation processes that greatly degrade food mineral, vitamin, and essential oil content.  These nutritional degradation problems are compounded by hundreds of rather more than questionable food additives, which are known to be toxic and disruptive to the body’s biological functions/chemistry.  In particular, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is slowly killing much of America.  This MSG is hidden in processed foods under 40+ different names, so you will not catch on to what is being done to you.  You see besides  all the terrible things MSG does to your body biochemistry, it is also addictive.  This allows the processed food manufacturers to knowingly produce a very nutritionally poor “food” which you will want to consume a lot of because of the addictive MSG content.


     Let us not forget fluoride.  We have the fluoridation of approximately half the drinking water supply in America.   The basis for fluoridating the water supply is based on fraudulent research and dishonest representations of the research.  The cancer rate climbs by 1% per year in every city/water district once the drinking water has been fluoridated by 1 ppm.  This fluoride poisoning of America is being promoted by the aluminum industry, the fertilizer industry, the American Dental Association, and the U.S. Public Health Service.  For any competent researcher the evidence against  fluoride use in drinking water is overwhelming.   What is required is a class action law suit against those responsible for this would be crime.  We need judgments against those responsible similar to those against the tobacco companies.


Special Interest / Greed Medicine


     In the first part of the twentieth century the allopathic medical system became the dominant medical system in America.  This occurred through financial support from pharmaceutical companies and concurrent political lobbing to make and change laws to favor allopathic medicine.  The American Medical Association under the control and leadership of Dr. Morris Fishbein gained full control (hegemony) over illness/health care in America.  All other alternative medical systems and treatment modalities other than drugs, radiation, and surgery were effectively suppressed.  Electro medicine was effectively destroyed, i.e. I have in my library an electro medicine article from 1926 (replete with electrical circuit drawings) in which all manor of diseases including cancer were successfully being treated by Dr. Abrams’ Oscilloclast.  The political and legislative actions of the AMA suppressed and removed all such technology from medical practice.  It is time to reform the AMA and it’s control over medical school curriculum and licensing.  It is time to supplant pharmaceutical medicine with alternative energy based forms of medical treatments.  Most allopathic doctors are now open to investigating some forms of alternative energy medicine.  They see the clear need for other approaches in treatment, particularly in cancer treatment.  It is literally a sin against humanity that over 11,000 people a week in America alone die horrible deaths from cancer.  If you read Barry Lyon’s book, The Cancer Cure That Worked, you will see that this cancer death rate is all because the USC School of Medicine Special Research Committee did not release the 1934, 1935, and 1937 clinical trial reports to the public on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s cure for cancer, which was approximately 95% successful in treating so called terminal cancer.


    When the people of Alberta Province in Canada got fed up with the standard allopathic medicine offering, they had their legislature add one paragraph into law, which freed the allopathic practitioner to use alternative energy based medical treatments.  That one paragraph is most reasonable and fair.  See if you do not agree.


    “A registered practitioner shall not be found guilty of unbecoming conduct or be found to be incapable or unfit to practice medicine or osteopathy solely on the basis that the registered practitioner employs a therapy that is non- traditional or departs from the prevailing medical practices, unless it can be demonstrated that the therapy has a safety risk for that patient unreasonably greater than the prevailing treatment.”


     Now why has “your” state legislature not put this paragraph into your state law books?  Why has your allopathic doctor, chiropractor, naturopath, etc. not been freed to use alternative energy based medical treatment?  Why don’t you contact your state legislature and ask them to put this paragraph into your state law books?  That is right, get off your ass and do something about this disgraceful pharmaceutical medical system we are living under.  Help free up your doctor to practice the best medicine they can for your benefit and the profits of the pharmaceutical companies be damned.  






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