By Gary Wade, Physicist (6/6/13)



As animals move about the planet doing what they do, every now and then they have a traumatic event, which causes serious soft tissue damage. For example, a horse and rider falling in a race or hitting a wall at a rodeo event or a horse trailer accident or a human falling off a ladder onto concrete creates trauma (mammal flesh is mammal flesh) etc... In somewhat high impact traumatic injuries, tissue is ruptured apart to varying degrees.  Blood vessels are ruptured. Fascia is torn and ripped apart along with muscle and lymph tissue. With this internal hemorrhaging, blood flows into all the newly opened up spaces (nooks and crannies). A cascade of physiological repair and trauma response mechanisms are set into play. Muscle sets are locked up to restrict movement of damaged tissue.


Fibroblast cells migrate into the damaged region to start emergency reconnection repair, which will usually become permanent scar tissue and among other things form adhesions between adjacent ruptured fascia covering adjacent muscles. The fascia tissue acts as a lubricant layer on top of muscle surfaces which allows adjacent muscles to slide over and by each other when doing various body motions. Therefore these adhesions cause impaired movement ability and there is also often discomfort and or pain associated with movement, which causes reluctance to move quickly. Some of the dormant adult stem cells normally found flowing in the blood are activated and migrate into the damaged "nooks and crannies" and integrate themselves into the tissue in an attempt to do fundamental tissue repair.


This tissue repair process can be very problematical and often is never completed properly. Blood is always contaminated at some level with various microbes and viruses. These microbes can set up low grade to not-so-low-grade infections (rapid reproduction of themselves) in the damaged region's nooks and crannies and the damaged tissue region in general. These microbes not only consume the body's resources, they release toxins and waste products that seriously interfere with the body's healing processes and kill cells, particularly the recently activated adult stem cells. This infection situation is often detectable by the observation of  unusual warmth or heat coming from  the damaged region.   Proper healing can never occur to proper completion if the infections are present, even at what would seem non-detectable levels by normal observation.


Fortunately for horses and their care givers there are some good fixes for most of the tissue damage. The two fixes I want to discuss here are the use of a pulsed ringing magnetic field ( THE HORSE MAGNETIC PULSER) and the application of a voltage square wave (at a frequency of 1,028 cycles per second) generated by a standard off-the-shelf electronic signal function generator (-$260.00).


The Horse Magnetic Pulser unit consists of a high voltage power supply, which charges up a high voltage capacitor, which is periodically (several times per seconds) discharged through twin spark gaps into a 16 turn, 10 inch internal diameter coil of flexible high voltage wire. The electrical circuit formed by connecting the capacitor and coil together through the twin spark gap breakdown process is called a tank circuit. In our particular cases this has a natural resonance frequency of approximately 45,000 cycles per second in the form of a sine wave current. In other words, an oscillating electric current flows first in one direction while building current amplitude to a maximum value in the coil and then the current declines in amplitude until it stops and then repeats the same pattern in the opposite direction of current flow (one complete cycle) and then flows back in the other direction, etc.. This oscillation process continues until essentially all the electrical energy that was stored in the charging capacitor has been dissipated and then the capacitor begins to charge up again until it is again connected to the coil by the twin spark gaps breaking down again and the whole oscillation process repeats. This rising and falling current oscillation pattern generates a rising and falling magnetic field in all the space around the coil.


In the case of the Horse Magnetic Pulser,  this 45,000 cycles per second ringing magnetic field can have significant positive biological effect out to several feet from the coil. It can also be potentially disruptive or destructive to electronic circuits up to several feet away. These oscillating magnetic fields induce electric current flows in the saline body fluids of horse and human tissue alike. These are called eddy currents and, as was pointed out in the Einstein School of Medicine patent from Feb. 23, 1993 ( U.S. patent # 5,188,738 ), when the value of these electric currents (eddy currents in our case) enter the 100 to 150 micro amps per centimeter squared range they start to become very anti-microbial and anti-viral causing deactivation of both bacteria and viruses in the blood with no apparent harm to the blood's viability.


The Horse Magnetic Pulser is capable of inducing well over this current density required for inactivation of bacteria and viruses in large tissue sections/volumes all at once. It can therefore be used to help bring infection problems under control to a point where true healing can occur. Perhaps just as importantly, it has been discovered that the pulsed ringing magnetic field can induce the fibroblast cells that migrated to the damage area for emergency structural repair to convert into embryonic looking cells, which then can differentiate into cell types to do fundamental tissue repair instead of just the usual scar tissue formation repair work, which is inferior tissue repair work. With the use of the, Horse Magnetic Pulser, tissue repair and healing can be significantly enhanced. Even in cases of long standing adhesions, it has been found that with regular, repeated use on such adhesions with the Horse Magnetic Pulser, these adhesions will generally release and full range of motion will be obtained without pain.


It has also been observed in other experimental work that I have been involved in that the pulsed ringing magnetic field helps the adult stem cells in the blood to more fully activate to do fundamental tissue repair.



Treatment with the Horse Magnetic Pulser can be greatly enhanced and augmented for cartilage and connective tissue with the use of a standard off-the-shelf electronics signal function generator using the voltage square wave setting and the frequency set to 1,028 cycles per second. This 1,028 cycle per second voltage waveform is applied with two surface electrodes, which sandwich the damaged region, i.e. one flat electrode placed on either side of the knee joint using ample electrically conductive gel under the electrode and worked into the hair making a contiguous electrical connection to the skin to assure good electric current flow through the injured tissue. The electrodes being held in place with elastic wrap. Of course, you can just shave off the hair in the area. For a full description of how to use the 1,028 cycles per second voltage square wave therapy, read the full article about it on the and the web sites.



I would be derelict in my duty here, if I did not point out that the Ultra 10A and 10B units available on the website are also very useful in cleaning out infections and increasing blood and lymph flow in conjunction with the Horse Magnetic Pulser to greatly accelerate the healing process for serious soft tissue damage injuries. If you own or run a horse rehabilitation facility, you would be well advised to obtain all the equipment mentioned in this article and use all of the associated treatment modalities. If you are in the horse rehab business and need clarification on any information in this article, please feel free to contact me through my web sites. THE HORSE MAGNETIC PULSER