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Up until now, we have avoided displaying any testimonials prominently because we respect our client’s privacy.  However, we believe the experiences of some of these people can be helpful in shedding light on some of the benefits and methods etc., and we get requests to do so too.  We, of course, cannot disclose anyone’s identity, and hope you can understand why.  We have had a page of some testimonials but it was not easy to find on the site, and we are always getting questions that these might illuminate.  Also, if you have not already, we suggest you read the FAQ or frequently asked questions  and some more answered questions at Client Questions Part One .

This provides a lot of very practical information so when we speak with you later, you will be somewhat educated in the basics.  Then, we can address your specific needs and inquiries much better.  

As to actual testimonials, here is a sampling from some of our clients. Not everyone who is happy sends an email. Some call. But, we have had little or no complaints in two decades, so this is indicative of client’s happy results. (We are not doctors and cannot diagnose or prescribe. There are no guarantees and you should not generalize too much from these individual experiences.)

Of course no testimonial list would be complete without the inventors own personal story;


By Gary Wade, Physicist 02 / 16 / 02





I got my Rife machine on the fifth, thank you VERY much! I haven't even used it a full week yet and I can tell the difference. I mentioned to you earlier that I had arthritis, but I don't think I told you how severe it was. For years now it has gotten increasingly worse to where I could NOT sleep peacefully or even walk very far without a LOT of pain!.

Yes, I expected improvement from using your machine, but not so quickly. I read your protocols and set the machine up according to your directions. The first night I felt no pain, just a few tingles, some itching, a minor headache, some thirst and tiredness. I went to bed early that night and slept very well. Usually my joints give me so much pain sleep doesn't come easy and is fitful, but that first night I slept VERY well!!! The second night it felt like my joints were coming undone. I still felt tired and sleepy (I kept a bottle of water by me and sipped on it while the machine ran so I didn't feel thirsty). I experienced night sweats, but still much less pain and soreness and slept VERY well!

Day three, I used it a little earlier than a full 24 hours later because I wanted to go out (I like to sing karaoke). I felt a sharp, but quickly passing pain (not unbearable, but noticeable) in my midriff area. I laid down for a bit after, but really wasn't tired or sleepy. I got back up got showered, dress and went out. There was a lady I've looked at with longing for multiple years, but always avoided saying anything to because I felt myself too crippled with arthritis to be justified in saying anything to her. Well, I walked in the place like a man (again), sat down, sang a few times, then worked up the never to ask her to dance. WOW!!! It was FANTASTIC, we danced many more times and I did so with NO PAIN, just a touch stiff from being out of practice, but it was GREAT!!!

I'm just writing to let you know first that I got your package. I have used the machine. I've only had it a little while and I am totally delighted with the results!!! I'm using it on the low frequency setting below my navel area to start with and so far it has been worth EVERY nickel!!! I was sold just by reading your articles on your web site and feel I was totally justified in placing my trust with you. Thank you again, for giving me back this much of my life and letting me step foot back into the game with a pretty woman.

I will keep you updated. I can't thank you enough. Oh yeah, I was telling some friends on "Informed Planet" about your machine and some know it all jumped on me saying ultrasonic weren't Rife frequencies, blah, blah, blah, and that a "real" Rife generator would cost $200,000 to build. Yada, yada, yada, he's just talking out of his hinder. I pointed him towards your web site and told him to read (it's all on him as to whether or not he does). I spent days looking through it and all of the links and sub links. I still haven't read it all, but again thank you VERY much for all you've shared and done!

You have been a blessing in my life and I thank God and Goddess for you! I wish you the very best and the brightest of blessings along with much success. You have a friend in Mississippi.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it - always.” ― Mahatma Gandhi  







I have a ultra 10 B that I bought 10/2013 along with two others. When I got the machine the wires were not securely glued in the transducer. I took it apart and put wire ties on it to hold it from moving around too much. My machine has quit working and I would like to get it fixed and do any upgrades that you can do. I have an older machine that still works fine and after fixing one machine I would like to do upgrades to the other one. I will try and call tomorrow to discuss this with someone.  Thank you.


PS. My sons sister in law had type 3 hepatitis from an accidental needle prick; and after a couple of months using collodial silver and your rife machine the doctor said there was no sign of the disease. This is almost unheard of.