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Key Question: Are there suppressed cures for such diseases as cancer and aids, lyme and other so-called untreatable diseases?  Could it be true that somewhere someone is being cured of an “incurable” disease because they did not give up hope? Are we claiming there is an almost universal cure for most of mankind’s ailments?


Yes and No;  we  could get in trouble if we made any claims even if they are true.  We can report them but we cannot claim any "cures" even if there are mountains of data or thousands of testimonials to back us up. (One example of legalistic suppression is the so-called Casper Weinberger law in California that makes it illegal to “cure” cancer or even treat it with any other therapies than the approved surgery, chemotherapy and radiation! This is from http://www.citizenshealth.org/

“Our Freedom Cancer Bill

Our goal in the 2015-2016 legislative cycle is to pass this Cancer Freedom Bill. This groundbreaking legislation will provide California cancer patients with access to the best in natural and non-toxic cancer therapies, while protecting the public and the physicians who provide care.

California law currently restricts the use of unconventional remedy in the diagnosis, treatment, alleviation, or cure of cancer.  In fact, California is the only state to statutorily restrict cancer therapy exclusively to conventional drugs, surgery, and radiation.  See copy of the fact sheet for our bill.”



Nevertheless, we can suggest you perform some due diligence where your health is concerned, just like you would do if you were buying a house in the country.  You would check things out, e.g. maybe get soil samples, get the well water tested, check the school system, etc. etc.  Why, when we get sick do we throw up our hands and turn our initiative over to the “white coats”?  Are they the priests and the lawyers who are becoming so obtuse in their knowledge that we are afraid to question their know-how or their ethics?  What has raised the village witch doctor to such heights in our estimation but fear?   When they utter that fateful, terrifying pronouncement, “sorry you have cancer.”  All of our intelligence seems to be suspended as the blood drains from our brain in fear, and we surrender our will to, “we will have to begin chemo and radiation right away. With some surgery maybe.....”  and we cave.  The implication they give is that there is no time to investigate any silly alternative approach to cut, burn and poison.  After all, if it was true would they not know about it?   WELL, NO THEY WOULD NOT KNOW.  AND IF THEY DID THEY WOULD BE AFRAID TO TELL YOU BECAUSE OF PRESSURE FROM THE AMA, THE FDA AND PEER REVIEW BOARD; THE ONES THAT GIVE THEM THEIR LICENCE TO PRACTICE!!  And that is the truth. Brave doctors who go against the intransigent system are punished in many ways, from professional censure to actual jail time!!  Most don’t tempt fate.


Ozone, (the thing that the FDA calls a poison gas that has never been proven to have any medical benefit), has been used for over 60 years in places like Germany by reputable doctors.  It is now being used in Russia and Cuba as well as some places in Mexico and the US.  Would it surprise you if the FDA lied to you?  Can you say Vioxx?  Can you say Bextra? Can you say cigarettes? I could go on, you get the idea. See Ozone Is Not Smog.


Shocked?  You should be.  People are dying all over the place when there is a therapy (actually more than one)  that is quite effective for cancer, aids, lyme, etc.  The worst thing is, the orthodox or allopathic medical system is breaking down (literally driving people into medical bankruptcy), even as medicine is now the undisputed number one cause of death in the USA! (See Death By Medicine)  What is more, the scientific proof from thousands of clinical trials and studies is there to see.  There have been many suppressed cures over the years, but ozone therapy is one that has ample data and facts to prove it is effective!  In spite of this, the FDA drags its feet and will not let Americans save their lives with this incredible therapy!!


Most people who are aware at all realize our present medical system is hopelessly mired down in greed, incompetence and just plain refusal to try any new approach if it impinges on the profits of the big drug companies and the big medical equipment manufacturers. Something has to give.  The inefficiencies and the ineffectiveness of the American medical system as it exists, is like a cancer patient whose tumor has metastasized and is killing the patient.  The system is poisoning itself, which is ironic since allopathic medicine is by definition based on drugs that essentially are, and perform their function by being “poisons”; the principle being that chemo, drugs, radiation, etc., kill the disease quicker than they kill the patient. Well, that is the theory.  It seems to be working less and less.  


Since the inception of the AMA, (and its ugly hand maiden the FDA), which was basically implemented to crush competition to homeopathy and other genuine and legitimate medical approaches, new cures have struggled and fought a losing battle against overwhelmingly financed and powerful vested interests that profit by our being and staying sick! (See “Politics in Healing” by Daniel Haley)   The fact that the Robber Barons of the recent past and present, smiled favorably on the allopathic or drug and surgery approach to disease, i.e. bought their stock heavily, didn’t help the cause of other more effective and less invasive disciplines. According to Bruce Lipton in his eye-opening book "The Biology of Belief", around 1890 in the US, more than 10,000 physicians were using some kind of "electro-medicine" in their practices! What do we hear of this now?  (See the sad story of Royal Rife in “The Cancer Cure That Worked”)



Anyway, that is history.  What now? You are sick or your loved one is sick and you need some real, down-to-earth practical help and advice.  Yet, if we give you anything too specific  we might find an FDA swat team at our door.  This has happened even to many doctors in the US and Mexico who tread too far from the well grooved pharmaceutical path.  Just as the big oil companies do not want a way to increase mileage significantly; big medicine does not want a cure!!!  There are two sayings you learn in med school.


1)  When in doubt, cut it out.

2)  Cure a patient, lose a customer. 


You figure out which one is the joke and which one is a tacit statement of fact.


The entire present medical structure rests on the whimsical idea that sickness and death are good for business.  God help us.


One of the most effective therapies against all disease has been ozone or highly activated oxygen.  Since Tesla invented the first patented cold plasma ozone generator over 100 years ago,  people by the tens of thousands have used this treatment with great results and close to zero side effects.  Most if not all of this is documented from more than 75 years of ozone therapies practiced around the world, e.g. Germany,Russia, Cuba, Mexico, etc. (Many ambulances in Germany carry medical ozone equipment because they have found speedy introduction of ozone into the blood after a heart attack or stroke can prevent permanent damage!)


Ozone was used in world war one in many applications to help our soldiers, e.g. mustard gas burns, but there were no space age plastics and the ozone would eat the rubber tubing so fast it was inefficient to use. 


There are so many books and so many articles, papers, etc. on the power of ozone to heal that we will not be redundant here, (see Bibliography for a list of source books, papers, etc.).  Our purpose is to point out the universal efficacy of this active form of oxygen, especially now it can now be applied in the case of mass epidemics, cancer, aids and emergent super bugs like Bird Flu and Sars mutations etc.  Yes, we are on the verge of some kind of massive epidemic.  The authorities admit as much.  We see them on the evening news about once a month, with the old saw, “It’s not a matter of if but when.” To keep track of outbreaks see Recent Ourbreaks


The fact is, the immune systems of most humans living in what we euphemistically call civilization, are horrendously weak.  We are a very weak and sick people due to the terrible diet we eat and the constant barrage of immune suppressants from our environment like microwaves, radiation of all sorts, chemical additives in our food, water and even our rugs and furniture, diminished oxygen in the cities, etc. ad nauseum.


No one is saying we should go back in time, become Luddites and throw all the benefits of technology away.  But, we have to start doing something.  It can be done. There are solutions to all of our problems.  There are discoveries that, if they could but see the light of day, would revolutionize the way we live.  But, in accordance with the tendency of man to be greedy and territorial,  there is always resistance from the vested interests, the powers that be, the ones who profit from the status quo, (even though their own kids are getting cancer and other exotic and untreatable diseases).


It is a fact, that when most of the rich and powerful get cancer or aids or the like, they will be off to “Europe” or “somewhere”  where these therapies are practiced, if not with the blessing of government, then with at least with a nod and a wink and outstretched open hands.  Yes, you too can stay well if you know the right people and grease the right palms.  Even here in the USA, for the right price any treatment can be had---but it can be difficult to find especially with a reputable doctor who has everything to lose!  You are better off, if you cannot find an able alternative practitioner, to learn and apply your own remedy.  After all, we are the only ones who are completely in control and responsible for our own lives---at least so far.


This is my opinion regarding ozone generators and air and water purifiers, etc.:


Air and water ozone generators are good for air and water.  They are not made to produce a balanced flow of ozone/oxygen mixture from a pure source of oxygen.


Hyperbaric tanks are not ozone.  They force oxygen deep into the tissues with pressure and this is good.  But,  do not confuse this with ozone therapy.  Ozone is many times more active chemically than oxygen under pressure!


There is a difference between ozone and negative ions. Negative ions are touted as being the best air cleaners and yet, when the Pentagon chose air cleaners after 911 it was the ozone producing brand. Ozone, (O3) is many times more effective although both are good. Ozone is a tri-atomic molecule of oxygen that becomes O2 and O1 which is highly oxidizing to molds, pathogens, bacteria, pollutants, etc. Whereas, ions are negatively charged oxygen ions, (having an electron added to the the O2 molecule causes it to be negatively charged) that are not near as powerful. But, they do make you feel good and help to eliminate some problems in the air. Either way, oxygen is the ultimate cleaner since it combines with nearly everything and precipitates it out of the air, as well as being the life energy that recharges our bodies.


Ozone therapy can be applied internally or externally although the issue can become blurred as most of the ozone required has got to enter the body somehow to do any good, (there are exceptions---see new article on Ozone Light).  Like oxygen, ozone can enter the body through the lungs (it is not recommended that you breathe ozone, since the lungs have a very high sensitivity to ozone and can cause severe coughing), the skin (steam sauna), the meridians of acupuncture, a vein (IV injection), the rectum or the ears (through insufflations), the stomach (drinking ozonated water), osmosis (with application of ozonated oils like olive oil), etc. 


When doctors in Germany use medical grade ozone, they produce it from  pure oxygen, not from the ambient air.  If they are doing IV or injection, rectal insufflations, autohematherapy, or even tenting, they use pure oxygen. 


Some generators can utilize air to make ozone but it is rather slow and inefficient compared to pure tanks of oxygen, (it can be enhanced with a powerful pump and an ozone element that can accommodate it).  It can be a matter of expense, since using pure oxygen for some applications can be exorbitant, e.g. steam sauna or cleaning the air or large amounts of water.  However, it is much more effective and thus desirable if the person has a serious disease like lyme or cancer or aids.  The internal applications usually use very little gas.  If cost is a major consideration, it may be a trade off.  You can get the same amount of ozone; it just takes longer using ambient air. (Care must be taken to choose a generator that produces little or no NOx, (Nitrogen compounds like nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, nitrous oxide, etc.) from the air.  The two factors that contribute most to noxious nitrogen compounds are humidity inside the generating mechanism and most importantly, the heat which is a function of the method of producing the ozone with or without high voltage, etc.  Most of the new machines are cold plasma which produces very little NOx.  Cold plasma refers to the blueish plasma that can be seen around the ozone generating element.


For sauna and steam ozone (Here, heat and humidity are positive in that they are exterior to the generating unit and it is clear from the clinical evidence, that hyperthermia with steam and ozone has a profoundly beneficial effect, see previous and also, Steam and Ozone, water, air and generally external applications, a good ozone producer from ambient air can be used.  For serious disease, doctors will use the pure oxygen.  This necessitates a prescription now.  The FDA has clamped down on pure oxygen and is making it very hard to get a tank filled unless you know a doctor who will write you a prescription.   There are other ways if you ask around. The oxygen underground is quite active and alive. But do be careful.  Oxygen is a combustible gas.  That is why oxygen tanks are always shipped empty by law. 


Keep in mind that amounts of ozone produced by various units can be substantially different. Some are made to purify small quantities of water and some are made to clean the air in one room or a whole house, etc. For example, one unit may produce 500 mg. per hour and another can produce 1 gram per hour from ambient air. Some have units like ug; this is a symbol for micrograms, this being millionths whereas milli or mg is thousandths! Sometimes the amount is specified in milliliters to further confuse the issue. Most advertised air cleaners keep their production of ozone low so that they can get an FDA approval. However, this renders them rather weak for any real clean up effect. More powerful purifiers are available but are usually designed for short, specific applications like fast clean up of the air in a room, water purification, ozonated oil, etc. See:

Ozone Generators--Recommended


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ED Note: Lately a prominent TV ad promotes an air cleaner that has a special ozone neutralizer etc. This implies that ozone is somehow unnatural and harmful and that it is good to destroy it in the air. Do not be fooled. This is probably more an olive branch offered up to the FDA to get their approval and pass the device than it is a sincere health claim. It has been demonstrated over and over that ozone is not only natural but essential to life. Even our cells have been shown to make minute amounts just as they make hydrogen pyroxide, i.e. to kill pathogens and cleanse. Don't just believe it because the government-funded research says so. People are getting well using ozone (properly applied) in other countries.