The basic model of the RifeTech the Ultra 10A is an easy-to-use, transportable table top model that uses standard wall plug-in power. (See picture: This can be adapted to either US or European power. The Ultra 10B is suitable for health care workers).  The units are built under a signed   commissioning agreement that states the conditions for the use of the units. The unit is for experimental purposes only, with no medical claim of cures being made for any disease or health condition.    We accept most forms of payment. Purchasing Information

Where are the flashing lights and bells and whistles you ask?  Well, we can add them if you  like.  We can add meters and knobs and flashing lights. You get the picture.  These may be eye-catching selling items, but they are not necessary to the functioning of the Rifetech unit.  It is rather  elegant in its simplicity and functionality.  It is "Occam's Razor"  in technology.  But again,  if you want all the other stuff, there are plenty of competitors on the market with all that jazz!  And, it will cost you!
The Rifetech unit is made to be simple and easy to use by anyone.  Since the principle is explained in What Makes This Rife Machine Different and other articles on our site, I won't repeat it here.  But, suffice to say, it is important to understand that there are two basic advantages to the auto-scan concept;
1)  There is a very good chance that the auto-scan will hit  the frequency you need even if you don't know what it is. (It is infinitely more complex than I can explain in words, but it basically scans from zero to somewhere in the 80 megahertz range using "sets" of frequencies that you or I could never dial in by hand!, e.g. Fourier);  And, trust me, the actual frequencies are not always known or understood even by the practitioner trying to reproduce what Dr. Rife did in his lab, i.e.  are they square waves, sine waves etc. and, a lot of the diseases we see now are new and mutated forms that were not around in Dr. Rife's day! Gary Wade, being a consumate physicist, does understand.
Rife Frequencies To Kill A Microbe)
  The auto-scan spends only a short time on the target frequency in any one treatment period.  This means less chance of any Herxheimer Reaction ) or kill off etc.  This protects non-practitioners from over exposing at any one time.  (Rife himself, only treated serious conditions like cancer every few days so the body could safely eliminate the consequent toxins from the breakup of the microbes etc.  This was because he would target a specific (unknown  today, mostly due to so many new types of diseases) frequency for 3 minutes at a time.  Thus, we have made our unit safe for the technically challenged and/or the absent minded, which pretty much includes all of us including myself.
3)  The Ultra 10B is for practitioners and allows the targeting of specific frequencies. In a clinical setting, with the supervision and expertise of a qualified practitioner, this is acceptable.  Otherwise, the Ultra10A is the perfect solution; it gets the job done with the absolute minimum risk. SEE DATA AND BENEFITS
So, the panel is deceptively simple.  Underneath? Well that is another story.  It is like trying to describe a Mozart or Bach piece of music with words.  It is not just the simple frequencies we are dealing with here.  There are sets of interweaving overtones and understones, interrelating sets of harmonics, Fourier, etc. that Gary Wade has brilliantly and lovingly orchestrated to automatically achieve the blanket execution of multiple types of microbes.  In other words, there is a lot of math and physics involved in the massive killoff of these "critters"  that make us so sick.
I don't have to know how electricity works to turn on the light.  If I am sick and dying, I sure don't have time to get a doctorate in several disciplines.  But, I can understand some of the basics.  That is why Gary Wade has written these articles contained on the web site.  Even the technical ones contain much information that will make it clear how this technology works. Study it.  Then,  if you have questions, we will be glad to answer them if we can.  Or, don't wait at all. If time is of the essence just read Rife Made Simple or Vibratory Energy Medicine and then begin.  Again, you don't have to know all about electricity to be able to turn on the light or cook your food, etc.!!
Just don't be confused with the "outer packaging" or judge the effectiveness of a modality with how many knobs or meters it has.  Just like with people, it is what is inside that counts.  Even more so, this applies with the electronic intricacies of the Rifetech unit.  Best.