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by Gary Wade, Physicist and Inventor etc.


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    My form of Rife type technology is designed to kill all bacteria
    types.  However, the so called good bacteria in the gut are
    generally in such high density that the good bacteria near the
    surface of the gut apparently absorb so much of their lethal
    incoming ultrasound frequency that that frequency component is so
    lowered in intensity as it travels into the gut, that the good
    bacteria further into the gut are effectively shielded from their
    lethal frequency and survive the standard scanning cycle.  So
    apparently only the outer layer of good bacteria are killed during
    any one scan.  And since the bacteria divide very rapidly, the
    killed off bacteria are replaced relatively quickly as long as the
    food supply is available.




    The machine is safe to use on children and pets.  Yes, the high and
    low frequency setting can be used both on pets and children.
    However, if the pet or child is very small, the use of the cool down
    setting is recommended.

    If you have an ear infection, just place the transducer treatment
    head in front of the ear or under the jaw close to the ear.  The
    transducer can be placed close to the eye, but not directly on the
    front of the eye.  And yes, some people have reported floaters going
    away, but not always.

    Yes, the standard treatment time is 45 minutes for young and old a
    like.  Sometimes when a person is very ill you have to start off with
    5 or 10 minute treatments per day and slowly work up to 45 minute



    The majority opinion seems to be that type 1 diabetes is some type
    of auto immune disease possibly being driven by a virus or microbe
    that attacks the beta cells.  The only experience with type 1
    diabetes that I have had with my type of Rife technology was several
    years ago at an alternative health show.  A lady with type 1
    diabetes asked to try my machine out.  Approximately 20 minutes into
    the standard 45 minute treatment scan she reported that she could
    clearly fill that something was happening in her pancreas.  Is type
    of report is usually associated with a large kill off of some virus
    or microbe.  The lady was from out of state and I never heard from
    her again.

    There are several type of so called Rife machines available; i.e.
    voltage square wave machines like the one you tried out, plasma tube
    machines, and my form which uses direct mechanical vibration from
    piezo-electric elements.  You can go to my web site and read my article: Vibratory Energy Medicine
    to get a good over view of the various Rife type machines and how
    they work.

    The main function of Rife type machines is to destroy viruses and




    First off by law I am not alowed to make any health claims for my
    equipment.  However, I can say that I have had stories from users of
    the machine that they have had relief from Endometriosis with use of
    the machine.

    As for concerns about the scan rate being to fast, well that is not a
    problem in general.  The engineering rule of thumb to use when
    dealing with mechanical resonance phenomenon is to be on or very
    close to the resonance frequency for 10,000 times the time it takes
    for one cycle of oscillation.  There is of coarse assumed some
    minimum sound intensity being used.  For example, if the resonance
    frequency of the microbe is 1,000,000 cycles per second, then we need
    to be on or very close to the resonance frequency for 1/100 of a
    second, since the time for one oscillation cycle is 1/1,000,000
    second.  My machine never produces a single frequency.  It is always
    producing large numbers of frequencies (harmonic sets and Fourier
    hidden frequency components) simultaneously and moving all of these
    frequencies together to higher and higher frequencies.  By the end of
    the standard 45 minute treatment scan, a frequency range of zero to
    several tens of millions of cycles per second has been covered.  You
    do not have to know the frequency to destroy the microbe you are
    after, you just "accidentally stumble on it" during the frequency

    My machine uses a ultrasound transducer head to treat the person.
    The transducer head must make direct contact with the bare skin so
    as to be able to transmit the ultrasound directly into the body.




   Regular allopathic medicine does not have much to offer for getting
   rid of Hep C at this time.  I know of no one being cured of Hep C by
   using interferon.  Have your friend ask the doctors that want him to
   take this very expensive interferon treatment to give him the actual
   statistics on cures of Hep C using interferon.  Have your friend ask
   the doctors what the possible and probable so called side effects of
   the interferon treatment are.

   You should try to get your friend to take responsibility for
   researching alternative methods for treating himself that have better
   treatment results then the normal offering from regular allopathic
   medicine as it is practiced now.  In other words your friend needs to
   take responsibility for finding information to fix himself.

   My type of Rife type technology has shown a strong correlation
   between usage of my machine and significantly lower viral load as
   determined by the RNA
Strand Test for Hep C.  However, I would not
   expect a "cure" for Hep C with the use of my machine, only probable
   control of the infection, at least in the short run.  For Hep C to be
   gotten rid of by Rife type technology, it requires something like a
   minute or so treatment with or exposure to a specific frequency of
   ultrasound to the body every half an hour on a continuous basis for
   two or three months.  

   The only treatment that I know of for Hep C that seems to sometimes
   have a full remission of Hep C associated with it, is a 90 day
   treatment protocol using my friends Super Silver product.  The
   treatment protocol consists of taking a half ounce shot of the Super
   Silver formula once an hour eight hours a day for ninety day
   straight.  My friend will want your friend to take a RNA
Strand Test
   for Hep C before and following the 90 days of the treatment protocol.
    I believe the current statistics on this treatment protocol are
   approximately 90% remission as determined by the RNA
Strand Test
   results.  The cost of this treatment protocol is under two hundred

   Please, show this e-mail to your friend.  If he is interested in
   following another path other than his current path with allopathic
   medicine, then I will pass on the contact information.




   ......I have had only one direct experience with H. Pylory stomach
   ulcers and the use of my Ultra 10A machine.  This was with a friend
   of mine who had a stomach ulcer caused by H. Pylory and has one of
   my Ultra 10A machines.  He informed me that after a couple or so
   treatments with the Ultra 10A machine his ulcer symptoms went away.



    Happy to hear the machine is working well.  Please have everybody
    using the machine read the eight pages of treatment protocols over
    several times.

    Just because _______'s machine sounds a little different, does not
    mean that it is not working o.k..  Each machine will sound a little
    different from other machines.  This has to do with several circuit
    variables of the particular components used.  If you set Greta's
    machine on the low frequency setting, normal operation setting, and
    in the on position and then you turn the machine on and hold the
    transducer up to your ear, you should hear a clicking noise that
    starts off very slowly and over the next few minutes becomes a
    buzzing sound.  During this time of listening to the clicking
    becoming a buzzing sound, a second sound of high frequency should
    occur which relatively quickly raises in frequency and goes out of
    hearing range.  The actual amount of time passing after the machine
    is turned on before you hear this fast raising in frequency of the
    sound come on varies from machine to machine.  Sometimes it comes
    on in 30 seconds or less, sometimes it takes a minute and a half or
    so.  The amount of time required depends on the particular frequency
    generator chip being used in that particular machine.  Now if you do
    what I just described with _______'s machine and the pattern of sounds
    is very unlike what I have described, then we might want to consider
    shipping ­­­­­_______'s machine back for a checkup and servicing.

    As for you becoming a distributor of my machines, no I do not plan
    to make that many machines nor do I plan to give my work away at
    this time.  I currently have no plans to ship anymore machines to
Europe until I figure out how to deal with these criminal government
    agents who have been sabotaging my machines.




    I assume you do not have one of my Rife type machines, i.e. Ultra
    10A or Ultra 10B.  Is that correct?  As for the bladder infections I
    would suggest a couple or so 8 ounce glasses of real cranberry juice
    a day.  Cranberry juice has a chemical compound in it that does not
    let most bacteria stick to the bladder wall and multiply.  Also, a high
 quality colloidal silver taken in the proper amounts can be very

    useful in fighting bladder infections as well as the infections of
    the blood associated with late stage cancers.  If you would like to talk
    with me about this matter, then send me your phone number and good
    times to call you. 




    Yes, you can use it on her foot two or three times a day.  Plantar's
    warts are believed to be virus infected cells.  The high frequency
    setting will probably work best on it.  I had a customer a couple
    of years ago get rid of his Plantar's wart with my machine.  He said
    it took about six months for it to go completely away.  I think he
    said he had had it for quite a few years.  I do not remember if he
    used the high or low frequency setting.

    When using the high frequency setting you can run the machine up
    to one hour and twenty minutes instead of the normal 45 minutes and
    get significantly more higher frequencies.  However, at about 50
    minutes into the treatment the transducer head starts to run hot and
    the machine should be set to the cool down position for the rest of
    the treatment cycle.  You can have your daughter sit in a chair and
    place her foot on the transducer or you can use an ace bandage to
    hold the transducer to her foot or you can slide the transducer in
    between her foot and her sock.  It would probably be best to run the
    entire treatment cycle on the cool down setting if you are going to
    use the extended treatment time on the high frequency setting.  This
    way your daughter will not get burned and become resistant to using
    the machine.  By using the sock method you can treat your daughter
    while she sleeps.  Set the timer to 60 minutes and when it runs down
    to the 40 minute mark, just add back on twenty minutes.




    Dr. Rife discovered that every microbe he studied had at least one
    frequency of ultrasound (mechanical vibration) that deactivated or
    destroyed the microbe.  The frequency range he worked in is
    approximately known.  I did calculations on the intensity of
    ultrasound generated by Dr. Rife's frequency instrument and found
    that it was very low.  


    So, I invented a sound/ultrasound scanning

    machine that very slowly went through Dr. Rife's known frequency
    range of use and doubled that frequency range.  I use a much higher
    intensity of ultrasound than Dr. Rife used.  You do not have to know
    the frequency of ultrasound needed to kill your particular microbe,
    you just stumble on it by chance during the scan. If your
    ultrasound intensity is high enough you only need to be on or near
    the microbes lethal frequency for a fraction of a second to destroy



    Once a virus has inserted its genetics into a cell's DNA, there is
    nothing Rife type technology can do to remove that virus genetic
    material.  These infected cells will continue to produce more
    viruses and divide and become the wart.  My form of Rife type
    technology can in theory destroy
the free standing virus and

    therefore cut down or limit progression of infection.  However,
    it's your own immune system that has to hunt down and destroy the
    infected cells to rid the body of infection.  I have seen some
    kinds of warts go away after treatment with my form of Rife
    technology.  I assume that these warts had large amounts of free
    standing virus inside the cells and that when the viruses were
    ruptured open by the Rife technology, that the cell cytoplasm was
    so over whelmed by the virus "innards" that the infected cell died.

    The best way to look at Rife type technology when considering virus
    infections in general is to consider Rife type technologies as great
    way to greatly lower the viral load and give the body the time it
    needs to mount a successful defense against a viral infection.




    Now to answer your questions about treatment protocols for your
    particular case.
  From the reading of my treatment protocols over

    several times, you now understand that you first want to go after
    the general microbe load or infection level in your body.  You
    should treat yourself with the standard 45 minute scan perhaps six
    or more time from the location half way between the belly button and
    the top of the pubic hair and the machine should be set on the low
    frequency setting position.  This will clean up your blood and free
    up your immune system to go after the cancer.  Remember the metal
    face on the transducer face must alway  make a snug contact with your
    bare skin (no clothes or dense hair in between the skin and the
    transducer metal face).  


    You may experience fatigue and a feeling
    like you are coming down with the flu or something for a day or so
    after each treatment.  That is the sign of a major kill off of
    microbes in the body.  The various cancer tumors in your body will
    also be experiencing anti-tumor frequencies from these treatments.
    After approximately six or more treatments spaced at two to three
    days intervals apart in the abdomen area, you are ready to go
    directly after the cancer problems in the lungs.  Once every three
    days place the transducer head directly on the hard cartilage of
    your wind pipe on the front center of your neck and treat your lungs
    for 45 minutes on the low frequency setting.  On the same day you
    can treat your abdomen for 45 minutes on the low frequency setting.
    After about six or more of these 45 minute treatments on the abdomen
    you can start alternating between the high and the low frequency
    setting to treat the abdomen area (half way between the belly button
    and the top of the pubic hair).  However, only use the low frequency
    setting to treat the lungs through contact with the hard cartilage
    of the wind pipe.

    As time progresses (after a couple of dozen or so treatments) you
    can experiment with putting the transducer head just under the bottom
    right rib and treat your liver directly.  Your kidneys are being
    well treated from the abdomen area treatments.

    If my form of Rife type technology works on your particular type of
    cancer, I expect it will take approximately three to four months to
    be rid of the cancer.

    Your heart runs only of fats and oils, not sugars.  If you are on a
    animal fat free diet, then your liver will have to manufacture much
    of the heart's fuel needs.  I recommend that you make it easy on your
    liver and heart by taking several large spoons full of virgin olive
    oil a day and perhaps some flax seed oil to.

    Well good luck to you and feel free to ask me questions as they




    Well it sounds like you are getting a good kill off of various
    microbes and viruses.  I assume you have been treating yourself at
    the location half way between your belly button and the top of your
    pubic hair.  Perhaps you have reached the point where you can
    alternate between treating yourself with low frequency one day
    followed by a treatment on the high frequency setting the next day
    and so on and so on.  Also, you might want to start treating specific
    problem ares.  For example, you might sit in a chair and place your
    bare feet on the transducer head and just treat each of your feet.
    Perhaps you should run a low frequency scan one day and followed by a
    high frequency scan on the next day, on the hard cartilage of your
    wind pipe, to clean your lungs out.




To whom it May Concern


I am a patient of Dr Leader in Cape Town South Africa. I have been suffering with chronic sinus for the past two years.

Had four operations with last operation I did not feel any better. I have also been on antibiotics every five weeks. I eventually

Got tired of all the antibiotics and then decided to give Dr Leader who is a homopath  a chance it is now three sessions

After the rife treatment and I am feeling so much better I am also able to smell which I could not do for a long time.


Thank you for developing this machine I hope that the are other patients who will give this machine a try you have nothing to

Lose but everything to gain give it a try I now realise how much money I could have saved in the first place.


Name : Juanita La Vita